Question from liopolt09

Asked: 6 years ago

Memang ada action replaynya Persona 4?

Kalau Ada action replaynya P4 berarti ada P3 juga dong????

Additional details - 6 years ago

Memang ada Action replaynya P4????p3 ada jg donk????

Accepted Answer

From: bapaxphoenix 6 years ago

ada kok AR Max-nya, coba aja buka us.codejunkies (ga usah pake com tar macet,klo ga mau juga ga usah pake us tapi nanti pilih USA yah)

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Kamu beli aja Majalah Zigma volume 67.

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Huh? uhhh.. what again?

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Disini tapi daftar member dulu

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Coba buka www.

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