Question from Shunnedbyall

Asked: 3 years ago

Why Won't My game play?

I have the Original Play Station 2 (the Old Fat one), and Up until Two days ago, I played the Persona 4 Game perfectly, but suddenly, it has stopped reading the disk.

Both Game and Console are from The US, It had started lagging, and now will not come up at all.

And before anyone says that is it the Gaming Console, it Runs all other games just fine.

anywyas, the PS2 comes up saying to "Please Insert a Ps or PS2 Format Game."

If anyone can help me, i would be greatful

Additional details - 3 years ago

I have cleaned the disk a few times, and it still will not play.

Additional details - 2 years ago

I have determined that It is not the Game Itself, It is the Consule

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From: Shunnedbyall 2 years ago

So yeah.

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This has happened to me too all i had to do is get the disc cleaned so why dont you try that

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I will try that. thanks.

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