Question from Bulzeeb3088

Asked: 2 years ago

Is it possible to start and/or MAX the Judgement S. Link on a first round playthrough?

I started a fresh file and am trying to make a *near* invincible Trumpeter. I just need to know if I will have the chance to get an EXP bonus for him since I vaguely remember the True ending (MAX Judgement + ample time for fusion) only being available in NG+.

Accepted Answer

From: feel2c 2 years ago

You can complete the Judgement S.Link during the first round.
The things that are NG+ only are:
-Fuse the hidden Persona (The World Arcana) which you can't register him to the compendium.
-Secret boss fight.
-Encounter the optional enemies, The Reaper.

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