Question from costas92

Asked: 5 years ago

Who know about Shin?

On summer break, i must gather information about sameone Shin(maybe). What i must do , who know these information?

Accepted Answer

From: OshareKeiji 5 years ago

~Talk to Kanji at the riverbed of Samegawa.
~Go to the Shopping District and talk to Ryotaro, he's not much help, so next best thing:
~The next day (if you're following this procedure from investigation day 1), talk to Adachi at Junes.
~Go to Souzai Daigaku and talk to the shop owner.
~The next day, find an orange-haired student in front of the tofu shop, and he'll give you the picture of "Shin".

His real name is Mitsuo Kubo.

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