Question from soldialga

Asked: 5 years ago

Why does the game keep telling me (the game could not be read)?

The other disc was fine but persona 4 wont?

Additional details - 5 years ago

The disc was fine no any scratch

Additional details - 5 years ago

no promblem with my system it read other disc fine expect P4

Accepted Answer

From: huyxxx 5 years ago

Have you tested run your copy with a different PS2 system yet? If that system still cannot run the game then purchase a new copy. Before purchasing, test run your current copy again at the shop to make sure it won't work no matter what. If it still doesn't work, purchasing anew copy should be the correct choice (or try to exchange it for a new one if the shop is where you purchased the copy before). BUT if it works (at the shop or with the different PS2 system I mentioned above), then prepare to have your system checked by some expert to find the problem.

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There are several reasons for your problem. Here are my opinions:
- First, you could have been sold a defective product. Try to borrow a friend's copy of the game and test this out. If the copy works then my suggestion should be correct. Purchase another copy (test run it to make sure the copy works before purchasing it) should solve the problem.
- Second, If my first suggestion is wrong, then maybe there is something wrong with your PS2 system. Have it checked out to find the problem.

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A defective product is not just a disc with scratches on it. Mine has scratches on it but it works just fine. Test run a different copy of the game using your PS2 system should make it easier to understand: If there is no problem, then your copy is a defective product. If the same problem occurs then there must be some problem with your PS2 system.

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