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Asked: 5 years ago

Margaret Request?

Can anybody tell me all of the margaret's request?
And with the persona to fuse it too.

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From: nutxy12_345 5 years ago

1.Ippon-Datara : Sylph+Archangel
2.Matador : Anzu+Berith
3.Gdon : Ares+Shiisaa
4.Neko-Shogun : a.King frost+Hua Po =Kusi mitama(with Bufula skill)
b.Kusi mitama+Ara mitama+Nigi mitama+Saki mitama=Neko-Shogun(with
bufula skill)
5.Black frost : a.Anzu+Sylph=Jack frost(with auto-sukukaja)
b.Jack frost+King frost+Pyro jack+Pixie+Ghoul=Black frost(with auto
6.Yata-garasu : a.Tao-tie+Cu sith=Ares (with megido)
b.Ares+Black frost+Yata-garasu(with megido)
7.Yatsufusa(with mediarama) :Thoth+Orthrus+Makami+Narasimba+Mothman
8.Ganesha(with Tetrakarn) :Decarabia+Cu Chulain
9.Trumpeter(with mind charge) :Matador+White rider+Daisojou+Pabilsag+Tao wu+Tao tie

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