Question from IzanagiOkami

Asked: 5 years ago

Every What time is the prize of fishing get change ?

Example : First,the oldman in riverbed want 1 red gold fish to trade with bait,.and what time he change the requirement fish to exchange with bait ?

and the second question is : first,the oldman want to trade his falcon eye,and what time is the prize get change?

every month ? every week ? or what time ?

Accepted Answer

From: Keriam 4 years ago

The old man trades four items always:

First: a weapon or an important piece of equipment. It's unique and it changes every month.
Second: a rare piece of equipment, not usually a weapon, that you can adquire only this way, but you can do it multilpe times. Changes every month.
Third: Always a chest key. The fish/es he wants for one of these changes every month.
Forth: Always baitx3. The fish/es he wants in exchange of bait changes every month. It's easier to obtain bait if you talk with the woman with a dog that's standing outside dojima's residence. You obtain always one by prssing the first option and she always appears on not-rainy days.

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Every month.

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The fishing prizes get changed at the end of every month.

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Every month always changes...

Sometimes to get bait, he need two fish...

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