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can the protagonist can have 2 girlfriends? atm my girlfriend is Yukiko but im making a move on rise.. What will happen when Rise become my girlfriend? does the of yukiko will go down?

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From: tank3006 5 years ago

It will be all fine

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You can become girlfriends with everyone, with basically no repercussions at all. None of your social links will go down.

However, your Sunday dates may get interrupted which leads to loss of all the S. Link points you've earned for that level (But, like I said, you will never decrease your S. Link level).

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A Social Link cannot go down,but it can reversed.If Kujikawa becomes your Girl,There'a a 50%possibility that your with Yuki might reversed,so if you have maxed the girls' social link,it would be best not to spend time with them.

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"If Kujikawa becomes your Girl,There'a a 50%possibility that your with Yuki might reversed"

That is not true at all.

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You can have all of them to be your girlfriends. The only way you might reverse the S. Link is by dating a girl and one of your other girlfriends see you. Just be careful when you are dating one of the girls.

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I would just max out you girlfriend Yukiko's social link and work on Rise's after you have maxed it out so your social link with Yukiko won't go into a reverse mode.

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none WHATSOVER will happen to u however remember not to accept sunday dates since those are what will reverse ur girls social link

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Just don't go on sunday dates and date ones of each girlfriend each week and you be fine

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Unless you want to go out with anyone on can have all the ladies for yourself.

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