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Asked: 5 years ago

Using the <element> break spells?

Not sure if this is floating about somewhere, I searched for "break" in general and didn't see nothing.

So, my question is.

When using the break spells, does it just negate the Null resistances of an enemy or can it make them take more damage from it?

Just wondering since I really hate wasting SP when I don't have to. And P4 seems to be very SP hungry right now. My MC runs out of SP so fast it's not even funny. u_u Though I'm only doing the Void Dungeon so I still haven't gotten the awesome stuff yet. :\

Accepted Answer

From: OshareKeiji 5 years ago

Break only neutralizes the resistances.

That's why even from a tactical standpoint, no one really uses those skills.

It was only useful for me back in P3 FES, where there was a shadow in the Answer that had very low HP, but resisted everything to the point that it only took single digit damage from all kinds of attacks.

But in P4, you can solve everything by either exploiting the weakness, relying on physicals, or even Almighty as a last resort.

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It's nothing...
It's just make status null to normal status...
So it not makes more damage...

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