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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I significantly improve understanding?

Is there any way to "significantly" improve understanding, as opposed to the traditional level of improvement. The difference being the difference between studying in your room and studying at the library when improving knowledge.

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The DoubleJump guide says the Chinese Diner Aiya serves a Steak Bowl on Wednesday's and Thursday's that supposedly significantly improves understanding. However, I have found this to be not true. They serve Spare Ribs on those days which significantly improves diligence.

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From: Jade_ToTA 5 years ago

I'll provide the other:

-when you can accept part-time job,choose crane folder job..with this,you can significanly increase your understanding at every night if you decide to do it + item when you complete it

-establish sun arcana link and improve sun social link + understanding

-every rain,go to chinese diner aiya and spend 3000 to eat mega beef bowl challange to raise 3 random personal traits. if you're lucky,you get it

-answer some Q&A rightly sometimes will increase it

-advanced job,choose daily takecare job to establish and improve a social link(I forget what it is) + understanding + money(depending on your diligence) need rank 4 personality traits(forgot too what it is..maybe diligence)

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I think it's part time as playground teacher if i'm not wrong

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Sorry about sun arcana is + expression..not understanding..and here's a little addition:

-buy a book/finish a quest from a man that usually stand in front of bookstore..sometimes,he will give you a book if you complete it..and some of the books,will increase your understanding

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