Question from zhaoyun26

Asked: 5 years ago

Yoshi(t)sune & Christmas Eve Event?

In the guide, it was said that if we make a Yoshitsune on Dec 24, he will have Debilitate. So, in order to visit the Velvet Room on that day, will I have to miss the Christmas Eve Event?

Accepted Answer

From: AzureLivesOn 5 years ago

If you didn't beat the final boss by December 22nd, you lose the Christmas Eve event anyways even though the deadline to clear the dungeon is 12/24. The reason is because the person who is doing the event with you calls the evening of the 23rd, and the evening of the day you clear the dungeon is reserved for a story arc event relating to the boss' defeat. So beating it on the 22nd allows a fast forward to the next day, which is the 23rd- the day someone calls you to spend Christmas Eve together.

Sorry, but if you're past the 22nd I'm afraid it's too late.

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I think that would be a yes but i never tried to skip the Cjristmas event.

Let me try and i will tell you the answer

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I suggest go for the x-mas event. there are other ways to get debilitate

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