Question from Zelt_Exhard

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I create a Satan with the following skill?

I want to make LV 76 Judge Satan that has following skill:
-Spell Master
-Cool Breeze
-Repel Physical
- and Mind Charge, if you can, but it's not a must..

Help me please!

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From: XXI_World 5 years ago

Use the Anubis x Trumpeter x Michael fusion.

*Note: Try not to give Anubis, Trumpeter, Michael any Magic or Light/Dark/Ailment spells. You might want to get as many physical skills as possible on them.

First, get Repel Phys from Rangda. Then do the Rangda x Forneus x Mara fusion (Mara must be the highest level) => Anubis.
Second, get Spell Master from Skadi. Then do the Skadi x Masakado x Gabriel (Masakado must be the highest level) => Michael.
Finally, get Mind Charge from Taotie (Taowu?) then fuse Trumpeter. He learns Cool Breeze.

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What s.links do you have maxed?

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