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Can ANY skill be transferred through fusion?

Is it possible to transfer any skill through fusion, or are some skills simply nontransferable?

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Does that go for the non-elemental abilities too? More specifically stat-effecting skills such as Debilitate?

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From: Bobobitbobbob 5 years ago

No, like P3, all persona have a set percentage to inherit skills of a certain type (i.e. fire (agi), wind (garu), death (mudo) etc.) Some persona will have a 0% chance to inherit skills of one or more types, meaning some cannot inherit skills of those types. This just means that it is not the skills that are nontransferable, but the persona who cannot receive/learn the skill. It should be noted that some persona can inherit ALL skills, but have a ridiculously low inheritance rate for the others (IIRC, Lilim in P3 could inherit all 4 elemental skills, but 2 or so had a single digit inheritance rate).

An example would be Jack Frost, who is ice (bufu) based, aside from fusion forecasts that adds an agi-type skill, it will never be able to inherit any agi-based skills.

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Other skills that can't be transferred are unique skills:
> Ragnarok, Niflheim, Panta Rhei, Thunder Reign, Samsara, Die For Me!, Heaven's Blade, Hassou Tobi, Pralaya, Black Viper, Morning Star, Debilitate, Heat Riser, Unshaken Will.

There are two skills which can only be gotten by morphing a rank 8 skill:
> Hell's Judgment and God's Judgment (can be obtained by morphing Primal Force, God's Hand, Vorpal Blade, Absorb skills, Divine Grace, Megidolaon, Salvation)

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