Question from SurrenderToWind

Asked: 5 years ago

How can I date?

Somebody help me, I know how to flirt in Persona 4 XD
I am with the Social Link in Lvl Maximo Yukiko, she says she loves me and stuff ... and nothing happens: S
My courage ta high, for the flirt girls.
Someone tells me there has to do something you have to flirt with or with Yukiko chie or rise? My Social Link with Chie are at lvl 2 ~ 4, in the band
With Rise has not yet, just saved it ^ ^
Naoto i do not have too
So, please teach me there:)

Accepted Answer

From: Xenogears_Rocks 5 years ago

Really all I know you have to do is get the social link to 9 or 10 and you have the option of basically being there boyfriend depending on what answer you chose at that part of the game

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