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Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Good skill set for black frost? *new* 0
Who should i bring to rescue Rise? 0
"Cheat" Verification/Help? 3
Any levelling up strategies for all the characters? 5
Any staple skills? 3
Ar max cheat please? 1
Blaze Vow and Fire Amp, do they stack? 2
Did Mind Charge works against (Ma)hama(on) and (Ma)mudo(on)? 2
Do Dode ice and Evade ice stack? 2
Does anyone know how to get the Persona Chu Chulainn? 2
Does Silence affect Sprit Drain? 4
Dousoujou How Do I Make 1? 1
Easy way to make hachiman? 1
For new game+, if your knowledge stat is maxed and you answer all questions correctly during exams... ? 3
Getting 'God Judgement' and 'Hell Judgement'?? 1
How can I get Cybele? 1
How can i make shiva with growth 2 or 3? 1
How do I fuse atvaka? 1
how do i fuse METATRON ? 3
How do i fuse NORN ?? 2
How do i fuse these persona ? 1
How do you earn lots of money near the end of the game? 4
How do you up all your stats more? 3
How many days does it take to raise a stat? 2
How to get to Fool using a Hierophant?? 1
How To Survive With 6 Moon Tsubakame Left? 3
Inzanagi Skills Help?? 1
Is Izanagi worth it? 6
Is there a cutoff? 1
Izanagi via fusion accident? 1
Making an awesome Izanagi? 1
Max Margaret??? 1
Monsters that summon: level-building tricks? 1
Mudo Boost on Alice? 2
New to RPGs - What's Going On? 5
Noise control for Izanagi? 1
Persona trouble? 3
Starter Persona with ULTIMATE skill??? 3
Suggested skills for each character? 1
The social links can be completed in the first time? 3
What are the stat definations? 3
What does a skill "repel X" do when a persona has already "reflect X" as a characteristic? 4
What is the best persona from each arcana ? 2
What is the best persona in the game in your opinion? 3
What is the best skill in this game? 5
What is the best strategy for (earn)? 1
What is the best strategy for attacking enemies? 1
What is the best strategy for for solving the Yukkiko's so called "knight prince" and How to defeat it?? HELP! 3
What is the best strategy for leveling up with izanagi no okami? 2
What is the best strategy for making a party? 2
What is the best strategy for social link/level raising? 2
What is the best/easiest way to fuse an Ishtar? 1
What is the price? 1
What you team? 1
What's a good skill set-up for the end of the game? 6
Which characters should I train? (also random p4 questions) 3
Why hard? 2

Other Help Answers
[Spoiler] Can somebody tell me all Social Link dialogues that appear during cutscene during "True End"? 0
About Margaret ? 3
About the game difficulties ? 5
about The metal bat!? plss... T_T desperately need this.. 1
Action Replay code pls ? 1
Already 6/24...can't find Naoki to star Hanged Man Social Link...? 2
any ACTION REPLAY MAX codes to complete all compendium? 2
anyone got a EURO ps3 euro virtual memory card save??? 2
Anyone know the english voice actors? 3
Anyone knows release date for Europe? 2
Ar Max??? 3
Arcan chance stats up ?? 2
Are the "heart items" still in P4? 2
Are there any special persona from persona 3 ? 1
Battle question...Look Inside? 4
Best guide for P4? 3
Best persona? 2
Best way to level up? 1
Black frost with ice and fire dyne,madyne & amp spells? 1
Can and how i make izanagi with victory cry? 1
Can any1 help me how to fuse persona Michael? 1
Can any1 tell me any fusion that can complete the empress arcana? 3
Can I change the end of the game? 5
Can I Fuse a persona with Null Rage and High Counter? Also Where Can I find the RETRIBUTION MASK Accessory? 3
Can i fuse Izanagi No Okami without defeating Margaret? 1
Can we ace the tests just with maxed knowledge ? 2
Can we really get max social links in one play through? 2
Can you go throuhg all the social link in your second playthrough? 2
Can you tell me all the girls in persona 4? 1
Code breakers? 2
convert this code to ARMAX?! 1
Creating the Kanji Social Link? 1
Date more than one girl on cristmas eve ?? Please help me!! 6
Death? 4
Differences between normal and expert difficulty? 3
Do I need my main Persona? 4
Do you feel sad? (knowing the ending) 9
Do you have AR max code for infinite yen? 1
Do you know where to find Persona 4 music scores (FREE)? 2
Does anyone know the choices I need to choose to max out Lover's Arcana? 1
Does moon tsukubame refill?? 4
does P4 fit into PSP? cuz i love the game if its fit to PSP 5
Does P4 have combo spells like before? 2
Fuse masakado? 3
Fusing Izanagi-no-okami?? 2
Gamesaves? 1
Good personas for battle? 1
Help me? 2
Help with Izanagi? 5
HELP! neoxsaga's guide has innaccurate stat levels? 1
How Can I fuse/find a Saki mitma? 1
How can I get skadi? 1
How can i get the real end? 1
How can i get the skill for all severe element magic damage? 2
How can I get the true ending and what will happen? 1
How can I put the saves to my memory card? 1
How can you get the normal ending and what will happen? 1
How do I create an Izanagi? 2
How do I create Saki Mitama? 1
How do I create the best healing persona? 1
How Do I Fuse Black Frost? 8
How do i fuse ultimate personas? 2
how do I get a Cu Chulainn with Evade Ice/Null Ice or something like that ? 1
How do i get a sarasvati with repel physical? 2
How do i get past that part after Nanako dies without time skip? 2
How do I get the information about Rise Kujikawa? 1
How do I get the Naoto social link? 2
How do I get? 3
How do I go on dates? 1
How do i make mot? 1
how do i meet Ai? 1
How do I unlock Second Playthrough (New Game +)? 3
How do the game saves work? 1
How do u make a Okuninushi ? 1
How do you get more moon tsubasu or what ever thier called? 1
How does Ali Dance work? 1
How does the persona compendium work? 3
How is hard level? 1
How many personas are there to complete the compendium? 2
How much does one point in a stat (Strength, Magic, etc.) do? 2
How to 'unlock' new cycle data? 1
How to create anzu? 1
How to enter barber? 2
How to fuse Trumpeter? 2
How to get 'Enduring Soul'? 2
How to get Ose? 1
How to reverse or break a Social Link? 3
How to use the codebreaker? 1
How will you get the bad ending and what will happen? 1
I have a question? 1
I Need Taotie to Create the Trumpeter...Help Please? 1
I still cant acsess the margaret boss batle! 2 times true ending!someone? 3
I'm on 11/10, too late to start the Kanji link because i talked to every female student and still can't start it? 1
If after 9th June(example 12nd June),can we activate Kanji social link? 1
If I fuse Izanagi with other personas will it affect the story? 2
If i recieve a persona from shuffle is it automatically added to the compendium? 2
Im rebirthing my izagi....Help me out pls? 2
in united emerites where or how can i PURCHASE it? 1
Is it possible for izanagi to inherit hassou tobi or prayala?? 1
Is it possible to 100% complete the game? 1
Is Naoto available on November 20th (Saturday)? 1
Is the game really infantile? 2
Is there anything additional in US version? 1
Is there are two kind of persona 4 ??? ( Except for leanguage) 1
Is There Someone Can max out all s-link in one playthrough ? 6
Is there?? 2
Izanagi no okami? 2
Little question pls? thx 2
Lovers or friends? 2
Lvl not transfer ? 3
Maxing justice link in december? 1
my parents wont let me get this game just because its M can you explain how much of what is in this game? 1
New Game + question? 2
New Game+ and Persona Transformation. Anyone?? 1
No items in the new game +?? 1
None of the carried social stats, money or compedium carried over help? 1
Party?? 2
Person MC name? 3
Please Answer, I'm Confused!? 1
Please someone make fusion list faqs for persona 4 ? 1
Prayer value? 1
Problem with NeoXsaga's Walkthrough!? 2
Question? 2
Relationship? 2
Secret items and Skills? 1
Shadow Size and Level, are those two related? 2
Shadows gettin bigger? 1
Should I continue or go back? 1
Similarities between Yukiko's outfit(P4)&Yukari's outfit(P3)? 4
Skill level up help? 1
Skill? 1
Skipping certain interactions: does it delay Social Link advancement? 1
Social link lv ? 2
Social links with girls? 1
Solo grinding help.....Can some one help me? 1
Special Fusions (4-, 5- & 6-) ?? 2
Teddie ? 1
The mysterious eye symbol that blinks? 2
Two Players...? 1
Weapons? 2
What are the exact words to go fight Adachi and Izanami?? 2
What are the requirements to fight Margaret ? 2
What carries over in a new game +? 1
What does Atom Smasher evolve into? 1
What floor is Naoto on? 3
What happens after you beat persona 4? 2
What is each characteristic for? 2
What is shelf use????? 3
What is the latest I can start Naoto's link? 2
What is the quickest way to lv99? 1
What item i get? 1
What Maxed S-Link Persona changed in P4 ? 1
What persona has prayala skill? 3
What Persona Have Spell Master Skill ? Can we transfer the Deblitate and Heat riser skill ? 1
What personas do you fuse to get these personas? 1
What Personas to fuse? 2
What the best skill for Loki? 1
What's the point of Rise's leveling up? 1
When it will be released in english version.? 1
when persona4 saves with PlayStation2 Max Drive Save format come ? i need it im stuck with this game. 1
Where can i buy persona 4 keychain? 2
Where can I find the music that plays at club escapade? 2
Where can I find the name of all people with power and how they merge? 2
Where could i buy persona 4 in Malaysia,Penang? 1
Where is my party? 2
Where is the manga? 3
Where or how can i get a black frost so i can defeat matsuo? 1
Where's the best place to level up? 1
Which character is the most good-looking and prettiest in the whole game?-l 1
Which one is stronger??? 3
Who can help me? 3
Why are s.links not leveling up? 1
Why does Rise have stats? 3
Why does they don't make persona 4 fes or persona 4 vs persona 3? 6
Will P4 have a Art book like P3 did? 6

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