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How to Unlock the legends in Smackdown Vs. Raw 2009?

I dont see any legends in the game only ric flair and Vince Mcmahon..

I Also knew that the finishers of the legends are available..

pls help!!

nigelo9 provided additional details:

Why are there locked players?..what are they for?

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Blake_S2008 answered:

Unfortunately, there are only 2 legends. The only way to have the WWE superstars in the same ring is to buy a 360 and a copy of '09, then buy "Legends of WrestleMania", where you can import your superstars.
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fatmanpud answered:

There are no legends in the game, because they are making a Legends of Wrestlemania game.
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fatmanpud answered:

Those are just extra people you can get:
Curt Hawkins
Zack Ryder
Masked Man
Tony(Cena's military friend)
Ric Flair
Mr. McMahon
I think that's it

All of them are obtained in Road To Wrestlemania Mode, or you can use cheats to get them (except Masked Man and Tony, those you need to play Chris Jericho and John Cena's RTWM)
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Disinfectant answered:

Don't forget tazz and hornswoggle
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leocorradini answered:

Do not forget the Boogeyman, Jillian and Layla.
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fatmanpud answered:

Oh yeah, I forgot about them, thanks.
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rockynator3 answered:

There is no legends because there making legends of wrestlemana game.
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