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Plot/Storyline Help Answers
Zombies in Undertaker's RTWM? 2

Other Help Answers
Ability Question Please Help me ?? 4
All abilities? (unlocking) 1
Any Help? 1
Any more codes?? 1
Are tag finishers only available for the default in-game teams (DX, Miz/Morrison, etc.)? 1
Brothers of Destruction Entrance? 1
Can I compete for all the titles? (even tag) 1
Can Someone tell me a list of all the hidden awards in career mode? 5
Can the PS2 version Go online? 1
can u change ur CAWS skin color to blue green exc if so how? 3
Can you unlock? 1
Cant delete layers? 2
Career-Mode New? 1
CAW attribute limits? 1
Change facing direction? 2
Character Training ? 1
Creat a superstar help? 3
Crowd? 1
Do I Have To Unlock The Matches In Order To USE Them In Expition? 1
Do you ever unlock the ability to play with your created characters in road to wrestle mania? 1
do you think that hornswoggle will be any good in the new SvR 09? 2
Does any body know how to make like.........(CAW)? 5
Earning An Ability? 1
Half way through the match the comentary stops and its quiet howver i can hear the ref whats wrong? 5
Hardcore Championship? 2
Help again? 1
How can i make my created character stronger? 1
How can you get diffrent Created Wrestler Abilities? 6
How Do I Create These Divas? 7
How do i do highlight reel? 1
How do i get a gauntlet match? 2
How do I get the CAW moves? 3
How do I put an opponent through two stacked tables? 1
How do i throw my opponet out the ring in royalrumble mode? 12
How do I unlock the legends entrance themes? 1
How do I.....? 4
How do u get to change ur tag finisher/moves? 1
How do u get ur technique up in career mode? 2
How do u unlock springboard ability? 4
How do you make a CAW Tag Team/Group? 1
How do you raise these stats in Career mode? 1
How Do You Unlock AbilityS? 6
How do you unlock Evan Bourne? 1
How do you? 2
How many times do you have to defend your championship on season mode? 3
How to do K.O? 2
How to get CAWS Abilities? 5
How to get Evasive dodge? 8
How to get possum pin? 4
How to make backstage special moves? 4
How to raise some CAW stats? 3
How to Unlock the legends in Smackdown Vs. Raw 2009? 7
I already know how to unlock the first few movesets, but what about the rest? 7
I have a code to play hornswoggle.....? 3
If you can't play as Hornswoggle, then why...? 1
If you have 3 people in an alliance or team, then how do you assign moves to certain people? 1
Is Cryme Tyme Tag Team On This Game? 1
Is Dx Already UNLOCKED???? 1
Is it possible to create Female Versions of these two Wrestlers? 1
Is Legacy Team In The Game The Team That Randy Ortan Makes? 1
Is some one able to write a list??? 2
Is The Night Of Champions PPV On This Game? 1
Is there a code for this? 2
Is there a khali kiss cam in the game? 1
Is there a match like lumberjack/jills match in the game? 1
Is there a Moveset that can be used to do this? 1
Is There Any Legends in this game? 4
Is there, in SmackDown vs RAW 2009, a code you can input that does this? 2
KO Question??? 3
Locked Moves? 4
Locker room? 2
My CAW has 6 abilities but i want a diffrent one for him how do i do that? 2
New Match? 10
Raising Stats? 5
Randy Orton's Punt --> RKO? 5
Refill stamina? 1
Refree? 3
Resiliencey? 2
Should i get this game? 2
Tag Match ForMove Theft? 1
The CAW Templates, do they base them off of real people? 2
There are locked Players in SVR2009 Help me!I want to Unlock Them? 5
Triple-H DX enterance? 1
Unlocked everything but? 11
Unlocking Locker Room Brawl? 3
Unlocking Spring board ability? 3
Wait..can you give me a website for the caw wrestlers...? 4
WCW Brand? 3
What are the limits on female Superstars? 6
What Divas Are On This Game? 1
What Is The Gorilla Cage Match? 6
What Tag Teams Are Locked? 1
Where is the co-op storyline? 2
Which Tag Team is the unlockable one in Tag Team List? 2
Who is the tag team at the top of the list and how do i unlock them? 1

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