Question from onggo99

(Why I can't use EX Gilgamesh??)

I can't use EX gilgamesh...
please help me...

NeutralDrow asked for clarification:

Do you mean Casual Gil? Or Gil's EX attack?

onggo99 provided additional details:

EX attack....


nutxy12_345 answered:

First, you must enter burst mode when the grail is full.Then,press the button just like on the command list.When you success do that,Gil will throw a chain towards enemy.When it hits, quickly press the extra command button (you can see it below the EX moves on command list).If you do,Gil will pull the enemy and start doing a combo(You must do 6 combo by pressing square,triangle,circle,square,triangle,and circle button).When you have finish the sixth combo,press circle button and some directional button(again, you can see it on the command list)and he'll throw a chain towards the enemy and execute his finishing moves.(I'm sorry if my explanation is too complicated^_^).Hope that will help!
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