Question from GLOC16

Why does it lag?

When I play in 2 player mode it like lags alot...
is there a way to stop the lag?

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KaiHaiaku answered:

The best answer is essentially what musszilla said. The game was designed for other systems that are more advanced (i.e. PS3 and X360), so the lag is a byproduct of using a hi-tech game on what's becomming a low-tech system. Also, the additional lag of 2-player is not just hearsay, it's fact. The more things the game tries to keep track of at once, the worse and more often it lags. Hope this resolves it.
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nintendo_hunter answered:

I dont think so.To be honest I dont know why it lags but on 2 player I know it is the worse,so try and play only single player.
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steve63147 answered:

It tries to do more that it should - I play it on single player and it doesn't lag nearly as bad, they really should've made it for the PS3, it probably would be as smooth as the Original.
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musszilla answered:

It lags because the game was designed to be played on the ps3. They scaled it down some to play on the ps2. Apperantly not enough.
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Axel_Jovian answered:

Maybe your disc have some problems,try asking the shop owner where you bought the game.
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