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Where is the stage that can unlock red hare king[ps2 version]?

Please tell me where is the stage of the red hare king i can't find it anywhere

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I try in all stage but is not unlock

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kidbuu89 answered:

Battle Of Guan Du
Wei Forces

2 Level 50 characters with Lady Luck
Both mounts have the FIND SADDLE ABILITY


Complete Target 2: Do not allow Guan Du West Gate or Guan Du East Gate to be
Complete Target 3: Yan Jin Fort and Bai Ma Fort do not fall
Pick up saddle from Crate/Saddle Box
Kill Yuan Shao

Guide to Unlocking the horse: Once you have done the time trick and selected
your characters, you must (with your second character) run over and jump down
the cliff to get the saddle, you must then run round to yuan shao's main camp,
where you must quickly, kill him. after the level has been completed, you will
get a horse called ginger striker, save it, and repeat the whole process
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D_Spear answered:

Level doesn't matter. Just play on high difficulties to increase ur chances. When u get a red horse with the right description, train it one level at a time (don't go from lv.1 to 3 or 2 to 4, only one level at a time). If ur horse's stats are each at 485 or higher at level 4, ur horse will change to Red Hare at level 5.
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Kamatari47 answered:

You can receive a red C/H (i.e. "his eyes consider the world and he has a heavenly physique") horse on any stage and without performing any procedures, so no, you do not need to "unlock" the horse at all. To get a Red Hare King, all you need to do is acquire a red C/H horse (either by hardcore farming or by using a time trick) and fully level up the animal. If all four of the horse's stats are at 485 or higher when it reaches level 5, it will automatically receive the title "Red Hare King".
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