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Can i get Red hare king with time tricks? if yes how to get Red hare king[Ultimate Dream] with time trick? 4
Can You Provide me with a List of All the Horses? 3
Does ordinary horse just only have a 2 skills? 3
Help me with time tricks please? 2
How can I get rare horses? Is it pretty difficult? 2
How do i get a rare horses? 11
How the best way to train horse? 1
How To Get Rare Horse? 1
How to get Red hare king in H-dist[ps2 version]? 1
Is it possible to have 2 great horses such as Red Hare and Shadow King? 4
Red Hare King for PS2 help??? 4
Roan leapord? 1
Are there orther elemetal things weapon or horse? 1
At what stage can u find the most horses while playing one player? 4
Best characters to use? 2
Can i obtain Red Hare at Yellow Turban Rebellion? 1
Can i use lady luck character lv 20's or 30's to get C/H Horses? 1
Can I use the "time tricks" from the ps3 version to find rare horses for the special ps2 version? 4
Does difficulty(easy,etc) affect in acquiring rare horses? 3
How can u easily raise a horse's destruction n speed stats? 1
How do train rare horses???? 2
How to unlock Royal Zhephyr [red]? 1
How to unlock shadow king[Daple king]? 1
I found a rare horse(I think)! Has "considers n heavenly" but its name is Sparkling Eagle. Shud i be =) or kee 3
I found dapple king and ultimate dream b4 but they wrnt "heavenly n considers....." do they still turn rare? 1
I have 2 rare horses, but they both only learned 3 skills. Y? 2
If i discard one of my rare horses, am i able to find it again? 1
Is a horse rare if it's description is views the world in clarity and has a heavenly physique? 2
Is it possible to have 2 of the same Horse King? 1
Time Tricks???? 1
Uhhhh where can i find this...? 1
Unique/Ultimate Weapons? 7
What are all the rare horses' titles? 6
What battle on what side is best for getting red hare, and how to get it on PS2? 1
What do i do with the ginger stiker? 1
What is Renbu ? 1
What is the best effect in the game ? 1
What is the time trick for Red hare king [ps2 version]? 2
Where can I find a powerful waepon? 4
Where can I find elixir (full recovery) in He Fei New Castle on Chaos level? 1
Where can I find red hare horse? 15
Where can I find Red Hare King/Ultimate Dream T.T? 6
Where can I find saddle crate in guan du? 1
Where can I find the best weapon with the highest power? 5
Where can I find the Rare Horses like Red Hare and Shadow Harness? 5
Where can i fine the most powerfull horse with time tricks? 2
Where is all the find saddle box and how to get the greastest horse in the whole Dynasty Warrior 6 game? 2
Where is the stage that can unlock red hare king[ps2 version]? 3
Why is it so hard to get Red Hare in this game? 5
why my C/H horses doesnt change? (ps2) 2

Other Help Answers
Save data xport how use? 0
Are there characters that dont have a musou mode? 4
Can it be any dynasty warriors 6 (USA Version) release in ps2? 3
Can the people use the old weapons other than the new ones also? 2
Can we play Xiao Qiao's story in musou mode, if yes how to unlock her story?? 3
Can You Get Bodyguards In Dynasty Warriors 6? 5
Does Cao Cao cousin count to get red hare? 2
DW6:Special MP3? 1
Evaluation in Musou Mode? 2
Find dazzle? 3
GUAN DU can't help why? 4
Hardest scenario? 3
How can you level up your character fast? 7
How do i get mousou fast? 1
How do u change or pick another special? 2
How do you get Meng Huo on DW6? 2
How much is Dynasty Warrios 6 on ps2 ? 1
How To Defeat Lubu IN Hu Lao Gate? 2
How To Get King Horses? 2
I can't find the US version, anyone ??? 5
I have lvl 50 Liu Bei and lvl 50 Yuan Shao can i get rare horses ? 2
Is Dynasty Warriors 6 on PS2 on Pal Format???????? 2
Is Dynasty Warriors 6 Ps2 already released in Phillipines? 3
is the DW6 already out in the Philippines? 3
Is there a way to raise your horses speed stat? 1
Is there any cutscenes gallery? 2
Lu bu side? 2
NO LUCK for RED horses until now why ? 4
PLEASE HELP me on how to get red horse description with consider and heavenly? 9
Rare Horse? 2
Time glitch? 1
Two Ding Fengs? 4
What are the maps that are unlockable? 2
What is the criteria of red hare?? 5
What is the minimum status of Red Hare? 2
What levels are the tigers on? 13
What was that ?an electric something when i stay close to player ? 1
Whats morale and how works??? 3
Whats the morale? and how works??? 4
When does it come out in Australia? 2
Where do I get the horse with the description his eye consider the world and have heavenly physqiue? 2
Why is my horse not gaining any stat points? 6
About the costumes? 1
Am i screwed? horse problem 2
Are Da Qiao & Xing Cai an available characters in this DW 6? If yes, how can I get them? 8
Are Zhang He is a woman or a man? 10
Armax code for red hare? 1
Boat? 1
Can I call my horse back? 2
Can i unlock a character in free mode? 2
Can u swim? 5
Character Swapping? 1
Character Unlocked but cant find them-.-why? 3
Characters with Mosou Mode? 1
Do you know wich dw that warrior orochi takes? 1
Does all horse with the word consider and heavnly changes its title at lvl5? 1
Does Zhen Ji have a her own musou/story mode in DW 6? Do all the characters in DW 6 have a musou mode? 2
DW 6 US version? 6
DW6 PS2 Rumors? 2
How can i get ma chao`s secret weapon?..i mean the spear... 2
How come my dynasty warriors 6 doesnt work when i put it in? 6
How do i get the Battle of Shi Ting? Wu forces 1
How do i unlock Huang Zhong? 1
How do you get Xiao Qiao? 2
How i unlock Guan Ping? 1
How many playable characters are there in the game? 1
How Many Stages Dose Lu Bu Have? 1
How to get a Red Hare King (Ultimate Dream) or Shadow King (Dapple King) ? 2
How to raise "Renbu" quickly ? 3
I don't know why? 4
I got a c/h horse, but it not a king one?? 5
Is in Ps2 can swimming? 1
Is Sun Ce a playable in musou mode ??? 3
Is the US ver a DVD 5 or DVD 9? 4
Is there a way to change the game language? 1
Is there an elephant in this game? 2
Is Time Trick the only way? 1
On which stage i can get red hare? 4
Siege weapos appear so much in the ps2 version? 1
The game picture? 1
Time limit? 2
Unlockables? 2
Weird weapon? 2
What are the rare horses and how many are there? 1
What color red hare is? 5
What Does The D-Pad Do In The Game? 2
What is renbu? Can I use it? 3
What is the different of std,str,and skill weapon? 1
What is the rarest and the most common of the description? 1
What should I do to get huang gai? 1
What Stage do you get Yuan Shao on? 3
Who know the master code and the codes for JP NTSC AR MAX ? 1
Why didi they take out characters from the game? 1
Why does it lag? 5

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