Question from Adi_balwani

Asked: 6 years ago

How do I beat Frieza?

I'm stuck and am Unable to beat Frieza... Please help

Also answering this other question mine also might help me

Accepted Answer

From: khant1 6 years ago

Just teleport when he try to make a unstoppable combo. and try to hit and use kamehameha after finish every combo. if he try to make himself aura spark just run away by pressing R1 and left analog stick. Dont try and hit him when he is in aura spark state. that s what i did.

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If you struggle that much, invest in Viral Heart Disease and Vaccine. Fighter's Body helps too, but I can't understand why everyone is complaining about how hard the game is.

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Equip with senzu bean or fighter's body and keep trying!, I too lost from frieza more than 5 times!!!

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Its very simple, watch his pattern, its simple to figure out and easy to beat. I went thru the whole game without using or buying any items, its really not that hard to do, AT ALL!!!!

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Put the difficulty to very easy. Have a senzu bean and never stop kikin n punching frieza. Save ki for his ultimate.

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You probably are not setting skills. Go buy them at the Warrior's room, then set the skills right before fighting. I heavily reccomend Fighter's Body and some food (like Ramen or that Roasted Boar or something), don't forget to actually use the food when you're low on health (guard+downx2)

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