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Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi . Pikkon FAQ

by L.M(WingedRegent)


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Hi.  This will be my second FAQ. After that little mishap that crippled my
FAQ production, alot of the ideas were taken. So, instead of doing an FAQ on 
an already covered character, I'm now doing one for Pikkon. Spoilers for DBZ
and DBZ Movies are contained in this FAQ.  If you do not want to know about 
events in those areas, stop reading now.  You have been warned.

2. Table of Contents

2. Table of Contents(You Are Here)
3. Version History
4. Why a Pikkon FAQ?[WAPF]
5. Pikkon [PKN]
    5.1 Character Illustration[PKNCI]
    5.2 Move Set [PKNMS]
6. Author's Notes[ARN]
7. Q and A[QNA]
8. Thanks[THK]
9. Contact Info[CTI]

3.Version History

Version .80- FAQ almost finished.  Character Illustration is missing as well
as his Blast 1 moves.
Date of Version .80-6/20/07

Version 1.00- FAQ complete!  Ready to submit to GameFAQs
Date of Version 1.00-6/20/07

4. Why a Pikkon FAQ?[WAPF]

Pikkon was a pretty interesting character in the series, for what little filler
he appeared in.  He was the West Galaxy's best fighter and even gave Goku, 
during the Other World Tournament, a run for his money.  Goku managed to beat
him using a Warp Kamehameha, but since they both touched the ceiling, the fight
ended in a draw, ending one of the best battles in the series. The game makes 
him a nice character to use, with his unique abilities implemented in the game.
Due to his uniqueness, I felt that he needed to have an FAQ done on him.

5. Pikkon [PKN]

We first see Pikkon when Goku and King Kai go to the Grand Kai's Palace and 
they meet the West Kai.  Almost immediately, the Grand Kai sends Pikkon to Hell
to quell a rebellion that Cell, Frieza, and the others have started. Goku 
follows him, thinking he needs help, but Pikkon soon demonstrates that Cell and
the others were weak in comparison.  He thanks Goku anyhow and fight him in the
Finals of the Other World Tournament.  They fight to a draw due to the rule 
that their bodies must not touch anything other than the ring.  The only other
time we see Pikkon is during the Movie Fusion Reborn, where he fights Goku
again in a tournament, and helps Goku in his fight against Janemba. To unlock 
Pikkon, you musy play through the Dragon Adventure until you reach the Fusion
Reborn Saga.

He has two outfits:
1. Outfit seen in the anime
2. Palette Swap with Purple.

5.1 Character Illustration[PKNCI]

Voice: Kyle Hebert

Pikkon was trained by the West Kai for the Other World Tournament.

In life, he was the West Galaxy's strongest fighter, and after his heroic
death he continued training in Other World. He is now one of the top fighters
in all of the galaxies, and when Cell and Frieza rampaged through Other World,
he was easily able to defeat them on his own.

He entered the Other World Tournament representing the West Galaxy, and fought
his way into the final round against Goku.

Later, when Janemba was unleashed upon Other World, he and Goku worked
together to eliminate the threat.

Because of his impressive power, he was assigned the duty of keeping the
villians in the depths of Other World under control. In this capacity, he was
by Goku's side once again when Broly escaped.

5.2 Move Set [PKNMS]

Blast 1:

L2 + Circle: Wild Sense (Costs 2 Blast Stock)
Rating: 4/5 

A useful move on some occasions.  He teleports to dodge an attack and attacks 
the opponent when coming out of the warp.  

L2 + Up + Circle: Hi-Tension
Rating: 2/5

A move type I hate.  Basically, just increases his attack power until a B2 is
fired. Not too great of a move.

Blast 2:

L2 + Triangle: Hyper Tornado(Costs 3 Ki Bars; Special)
Rating: 4/5  Damage: 10,000

Unique and helpful move.  With this move, Pikkon becomes a tornado, which you
can steer, and charges at the opponent.  Not a bad move to use when in a tight 

L2 + Up + Triangle:Burning Shoot (Costs 3 Ki Bars; Rush Type)
Rating: 3/5  Damage: 10,500

Same as most Rush moves. Still, not bad.

Ultimate Blast:

L2 + Down + Triangle: Thunder Flash (Costs entire Ki Gauge; Fire Wave Type)
Rating: 3/5  Damage: 15,000

His signature move.  Not bad representation in the game.  However, instead of
being fired like a Fire Ki Wave, it is fired as if it is just fire, making the
move a bit easy to dodge. 

6. Author's Notes[ARN]

So, what do you think of this FAQ?  It's been a while,so I may be a bit rusty
on my FAQ writing skills.

I will include recommended potara setups here:

The best setup you can have is:

Equipment Slots +4(or less depending on how many your character needs)
Kiss of #18
Kiss of #18
Kiss of #18
Kiss of #18
Kiss of #18
Either MAX Power Plus or Halo/Majin Seal.  It really is your choice here. I 
would recommend Halo, because of its effect of costing half as much Ki to use a 
Blast 2 and Ultimate Blast. With that effect, you won't need to charge as much
Ki before launching another attack.  

If you have any other good potara setups(such as "themed"setups), see the 
Contact Info section to learn where to contribute. I will post your setups in 
this section. Until next time!

7. Q and A[QNA]
The first four questions are questions I made up, but I will update this 
section with real question when the FAQ is posted, and the questions start 
coming in.

Q1: Why do you have a bio for the character if you copied the in-game
Character Illustration?

A1:  The reason for that was to introduce the character a bit.  The Character
Illustration has much more info than I could give.  I give my POV, while the
Character Illustration gives what actually happened.  Also, some of the 
bios I typed may include info that the Character Illustration does not have.

Q2:  Can I put your FAQ on my website?

A2: No.  I will only put this FAQ on GameFAQs and no where else.  I prefer it
this way, because that means there is only one site to keep track of that has
this FAQ posted.

Q3:  Will you do other FAQ's for this game?

A3:Well, due to the little problem that caused me to be late with my updates,
alot of the ones I was going to do(Cell, Frieza, Vegeta, etc.) were already 
done.  However, recently, I decided to play around and found 3 more candidates.
They are Bardock, Uub, and Dabura.  I will do Bardock and Dabura, but before
I finalize Uub, I'm waiting for CRAZIE_GUY (The writer of the Majin Buu FAQ)
to give me the go ahead.

Q4: Why did you not include the controls of the game in the FAQ?

A4: There are two reasons for this. The first one is that the controls or in
the game manual.  I understand it if someone lost the manual, but that leads me
to reason two:  the game has a tutorial mode, so you can relearn the controls

8. Thanks[THK]

Thanks go to:

Akira Toriyama- For creating the Dragon Ball and DBZ mangas for people to enjoy
as one of the greatest anime and manga ever created.

Toei Animation- For creating the TV anime series for people to watch.

Pioneer (now Geneon) Entertainment- For bringing DBZ to the states when anime
was non-existent in the U.S.

Funimation Productions- For finishing the dub of DBZ.  Also, for dubbing DB and

Spike- For making this game.

Atari- For producing the game.

Bandai-Namco- For working on the game.

OkraTron 5000- For providing the English voices and script translation.

GameFAQs- For being the best gaming website in the world. Also, for posting my
FAQs in their website.

GameFAQs Message Boards- For being a good source of info and help.

Wikipedia- For being a good research website.

9. Contact Info[CTI]

If you want to contact me about something in the FAQ, send me a PM at 
Gamespot.com. On Gamespot.com, I use the same name there that I use here: 
WingedRegent.You may contact me also on the message boards on GameFAQs.
I am a frequent visitor of the message boards and will help if you ask a
question pertaining to this FAQ.  I will accept messages about corrections,
mistakes, contributions,or inaccuracies in the FAQ. I will also accept feedback
about the FAQ. Again, I may only accept contributions on those two sources.  

Copyright 2007 WingedRegent.