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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find Cloud Cards ?

Where Can I Find More Cloud Cards,where they appear

Additional details - 6 years ago

Cloud is SOOO Cool,is there any Leon Card out there in this game

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From: mwdaly 5 years ago

In general, summon cards are most easily found in their "home world", which in Cloud's case is Olympus Coliseum. Go back after clearing the world and they'll pop up in breakables from time to time, and more rarely on the upper floors. You can also find them in the magic packs from the Moggle shops, but only in the more expensive packs that are only sold on levels 7-13.

There is no Leon friend card, but you can unlock the Leonheart keyblade by opening the Room of Rewards in Traverse Town.

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For me I found about 2 in Hollow Bastion. You can probably find some in other worlds too, but just break some stuff in the maps. And eventually it will come out. But, you can also go into Moogle Rooms and go to the magic cards, and Cloud cards can be bought there. I bought some Cloud cards in Hollow Bastion, but I'm unaware if they appear in the Moogle Room decks anytime before. Check in case.

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At moogle`s room, most probily. u can also get some by hiting things at the field, specialy if u`re at olynpus colisium.

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You can get Cloud Cards at the Olympus Colisseum, most places after, and the Blue section of the Moogle Shop.

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The board FAQ (not the "prerelease" one) includes drop rates of cards by world. Can't speak for the accuracy of those stats, but it might be worth a look.

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