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How do I beat the Heartless boss in Wonderland?

Does anyone have a strategy for the Heartless Boss in Wonderland? I can't dodge its attacks and I keep running out of cards.

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GuitarAmp58 answered:

Jump on the chair then table, lock on to him then jump off and attack his upper body. If you hit a combo, he will fall allowing you to reach his head from the ground. If the table shrinks down, you need to keep attacking his feet until a Mickey Card appears, use that to make the table reappear.
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ShadowHunter035 answered:

If you have a trouble just keep healing and resetting your deck. if he starts to attack break his cards with your attack cards. once you have decent health again, start attacking him with attack cards and fire spells. blizzard usually does not work with trickmaster.
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CecilandRosa answered:

I found that if you have a lot of attack cards and only have healing magic, it's easier to beat him. Also wait to do wonderland until after you have beaten Halloween Town. I know it sounds weird but having Oogie Boogie card is really helpful for when you have low health and trying to restock your cards during this battle
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Kosba_2142 answered:

Person above me has a good point, but also if you go to Halloween town first, you can get the Wight Knight enemy card which lets you jump like 2 1/2 times higher than usual
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