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How do you kill the White Mushroom Enemies?

I need help defeating the white mushrooms. Everytime you attack them they vanish. How do you kill them??

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chaumel01 answered:

They are exactly the same as their KH1 counterparts, you have to use magic to defeat them, and a specific kind of magic depending on what they are doing.

The following is copied and pasted from a KH1 FAQ on them...

Fire = Use when it crosses its arms and looks like it is shivering.

Blizzard = Use when leans back and fans itself, or according to
CJayC, it looks like it is giving the "Bring it on" taunt.

Thunder = Use when it has a light over its head which is casting a shadow on
its face. I believe this is to show that it`s depressed and needs some
encouraging as it looks very much like how manga characters sometimes are drawn
when depressed.

Cure = Use when it has fallen on the ground. Note that you will need to get
pretty close to it in order for you to be able to cast on it. Normally, only
Sora/Goofy/Donald can be cast cure on, but if close to a mushroom a 4th option
named Contact(R^Ng) will appear and you can use this option to cast on
the fallen mushroom.

Aero = Use this when its spinning around. The same need to get close in
order to cast this like Cure applies.

Stop = Use this when the mushroom has frozen in mid move.

Gravity = Use this when the mushroom is floating in mid-air. Mind you, you
have to be quick in casting this, because the casting animation for Gravity is
long and often times will not hit the mushroom until it has changed into
another mood.

Some of the wording may be a bit off, but the concept is the exact same.
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myfavoritetvsho answered:

^Above...though I'm not too sure about the extra magic attacks...I always thought it was only the 3 basic elements for KH Re: CoM, but that is my view as it is what I saw in the GBA version... Haven't gotten to try White Room in Re: CoM..

So anyways, there is another piece of information. If you use Warp, you can receive the White Mushroom enemy card.
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chaumel01 answered:

it might only be the elemental types, I only did a white room once and got a premium upgrade which forced me to replace one of my cards, so i never made another again assuming that they dropped premium upgrades like black mushrooms dropped calm bounties.
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myfavoritetvsho answered:

^ You can quit premium bonuses you know.

But yeah, it is only the 3 basic elements, not those others.
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rootbeerman77 answered:

Nice description, chaumel, except for one problem:

You only use:
Fire if it shivers,
Blizzard if it fans itself,
Thunder if it looks stunned with a dark spot over its head. You'll know what I mean when you see it.

The other magics are not EVER used.
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