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Can you list all the reward from reward room?

Please show me the reward from each town

putracebong provided additional details:

Or maybe just the rewards that you know....

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ss_tipen answered:

Here is the list, but i don't know how to spell all of them, because i only remember how to read them.You know, i dont good in english.

Traverse Town: Lion Heart, Saix
Agrabah: Luxord, De-Zone
Olyimpus Colloseum: Metal Chocobo, Monochrome
Wonder land: Synchro, Xemnas
Monstro: Aqua Splash, Xaldin
Halloween Town: Bind, Bond of Flame
Atlantica: Demyx, Quake
Neverland: Thunder Raid, Follow the Wind
Hollow Bastion: Mushu, Xigbar
Destiny Island: Megalixir, Photon Debuger
Twilight Town: Star Flare, Roxas
Castle Oblivion: Super Glide, Star seeker

some of the cards can only be opened by beating R/R
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921sora answered:

The enemy cards (Roxas, Saix, etc.) are the cards u get AFTER beating R/R mode.
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