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Can someone help me with the section called collateral damage?

In the section collateral damage there is a part when you go through a big door and you have 60 seconds to deactivate the bomb but i can't seem to get in the room to hack the computer. I have played this part over and over and can't seem to figure it out


spawnrules answered:

Okay first of all take a breather before you going into the big door proceed forward towards it slowly and once you see the big door start to open up turn 180 degree and run+hop like hell even before you hear anyone talking to you (coz the clock is ticking). Now the goal is to head back to the place where you have to hack the computer to open certain door remember? in that area there are 2 computers, check every corner you can't miss it (the 2 computers are still in the same floor).
Once you are there hack into the other computer that you didn't hacked previously, if you're successful another door will open up and you can continue your game now.

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