Question from Primerobot

Is there any cheat codes for this secret service PS2 game?

Is there any cheat codes out there for infinite ammo and infinte health for this secret service game?

anderson_89 asked for clarification:

where can i find the ARmax and gameshark codes for this game?

TheMercMaster asked for clarification:

What type of cheats are they? I have to go somewhere tomorrow, and I don't have time to check today or tomorrow, so I'd like to know what the cheats are like. Please answer!

dinsuga asked for clarification:

I have AR-MAX and it have secret service codes so download with torrent and here is the guy from who i download it enjoy:)


qwetr3 answered:

Nope,but you can use a action replay max,gameshark or a codebreaker.
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ocmccormick answered:

GameShark's codes are rarely ever updated anymore. I've never used AR-MAX so I couldn't help you there.

Remember that Pelican discontinued CodeBreaker, however, codes are still being created for versions 7 and newer. You can find those at
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