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Asked: 5 years ago

Is a slow load natural?

When I play the game and it goes to a ship flying load screen it always takes forever. Is it because of the disc, PS2, or just some other random thing?

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From: 401891 5 years ago

I've got it for PS2 and I have the same problem.

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Yea, its natural.
Its a direct port of a PSP game

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yeah me too. It takes like 40-50 of that spaceship flying screens. Its really annoying @_@

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Yeah it really s**k but it alright on my psp

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With the PS2 port, the "loading" animation -- a spaceship zooming across the sky -- repeats 7 or 8 times for me, in a different direction each pass. (For comparison's sake: SAC/PS2 U/C release, unmodded "fat" PS2.)

If the animation goes longer or doesn't change direction, the disc or laser lens may need cleaning. Otherwise, yeah, that's normal.

Double-clicking buttons while going through Case Files, or taking the "exit arenas" option rather than tapping triangle can be a real pain.

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