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Getting across dark eco pool in "find light eco" mission?

Can't fig out how, I even dragged an idol in the with me. I walked around the room on the ledge but didn't see anything.
Little hint please?

nukemed provided additional details:

not the area I'm talking about
thanks anyway, there are no statues or geysers there


MC80a_Liberty answered:

If it's just a spill on the floor use your shield and roll across.

If it's a pit of dark eco use your shield and then use teleport to switch places with the statues, going from statue to statue until you reach the other side while your shield protects you. make sure the statues in the pit itself are being pushed up by geysers before you start so your shield doesn't run out before you're across.
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TheRangepur answered:

If you are talking about the part where the pool of Dark Eco is low and you can't jump that high then there should be a kind of broken pillar spelling Dark Eco, use your Eco power and destroy it and the Eco is now higher and you can cross. Remember to use your shield.
If you're talking about the area before it then it's what MC said.
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