Question from thetagreymon

Does anyone also have a glitch in the game and why does it happen?

For some reason when I was playing on hero mode, when you go to Far Drop for supplies instead of saving stuff in Far Drop it's the seige part after finding the eco core. Also when I enter the aeropan barracks for one of the orbs for the eco seeker I am suddenly playing as dark daxter and then in Aeropa going to fight skyheed


WyrdDarcnyzz answered:

God yes. I haven't proceeded past the first bit, because I've been trying to fix the problem, but have had little success. If anyone does find a solution, please let me know.
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TheRangepur answered:

I heard it's because of skipping cut scenes the glitch happens at Far Drop (Can someone conform please?).
Not sure about the second, but it may be the same.
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hanh106 answered:

There is a glitch on the phantom blade, there will be times (once to me) when you climb up the stairs but you fall through the hole and get stuck under the stairs. You would need to restart the game as you are stuck.
Another is the fight with the mutant boss in far drop, stay at the edge and when he does the slamming attack, if done correctly he will fall throught the floor.
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djk77777 answered:

I just beat the behemoth after chasing dark skyheed, and it glithed up right after the cutscene.
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djk77777 answered:

Heh, i got another the next time i fought skyheed, my ship exploded right as daxter repaired it, so it made my guns still there but not me so i was invincible for the rest of the game.
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