Question from spirit44

How do I beat the creapy dog?

I am around 62% done and I am at the part where after you get past the entire city berauge you have to jump into a hole in on of the houses their ia a big creapy dog and I only get rid of about 1/4 of his health. Please help me.


Explosivechick answered:

I think you mean the ape. It is a little difficult. Alternate between using your green eco shield and the Blue eco reflex. Using one right after the other so the previous power can recharge. Save ALL Lobber ammo for the second half of the battle (the part where he breaks through the wall. For the first half use blaster and scatter ammo. Also there are health crates in the secodn area of the battle. One last thing, if you can manage to use the yellow eco rocket boost on the ape without getting hit by the ape, do so. The yellow eco rocket blast deals hefty damage!
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