Question from adriansombra97

How do I beat the woman pirate?

I need help beating her specialy when she throughs the laser bomb.Is there a way you can lower her life fast without geting beat up?


Werdnae answered:

To avoid the laser bombs just jump on the slightly raised stage area, and they won't damage you. If you are willing to repeatedly do areas to collect Dark Eco, the Rocket Jump Explosion power does significant damage, but as it is the final Yellow Eco upgrade it could take time. Otherwise just use Eco Reflexes to slow her down and then attack her whe she isn't attacking.

If you are trying to do this fight before going to the Aeropan Barracks, then try doing that and then coming back - any extra Dark Eco you can get helps.
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gater228 answered:

i actually find this battle very easy. upgrade your reflexes as much as possible. if you can max the regen speed for eco, lower the eco cost of reflexes, and raise the time of reflexes, youll fully regen your blue eco meter and can literally spend 99% of battles in slow motion. makes for an easy game. :P anyways, shield wont help here because you cant use your weapons and you cant melee while shield is on, so dont get hit. use reflexes constantly. this will be your main source of damage throughout the battle. slow time, beat some ass, repeat. when she calls out her pirate noobs just use reflexes, kick ass, repeat.

when she tosses her laser/fire bomb, just jump onto the stage. its a raised area so you cant take any damage from there. if you want to, just use shield and stand where you are. i prefer the stage. when she jumps from table to table, just hit the table. if she doesnt flip to another table, she will fall flat on her face, allowing some good hits.
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