Question from adriansombra97

Is there a way you can get unlimited precursor orbs?

Is there a cheat code for that or something?


MrBoots007 answered:

Ehh yes and no, for starters I'll answer the second half of your question, I.E. the cheat-code. No, there is no cheat code for unlimited precursor orbs. Now for the first half of your question, I.E. the unlimited precursor orbs. Yes, there IS a way to get an unlimited amount of precursor orbs HOWEVER I must warn you that it is very tedious, time-consuming, and an all-around pain in the neck to do. The ONLY POSSIBLE way that I can think of for getting an "unlimited" amount of precursor orbs is to simply do the following, Step #1, play the game all the way through the first time collecting as many orbs as possible on your first run through. Step #2, play again in hero mode and, assuming you haven't spent all of/the majority of your orbs, buy the unlimited ammo, invulnerability secrets, and also assuming you have enough dark Eco points, buy-out the blue Eco powers section the Keira gives you. Step #3, using your Eco powers, play through the game again in hero mode and collect all the orbs possible in the game including the ones you couldn't before. Step #4, repeat steps 2-4 as necessary except buying out the other Eco powers upgrades/secrets. Hope this helps.
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