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            Walkthrough for Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier (PS2)

Copyright 2009-2010 Andrew Eastabrook
Version 1.07

This Walkthrough is the first one I have written, so bear with me. It was
written for the PS2 version of the game, so the controls given are different
from the controls for the PSP version. I hope you find this guide helpful.

That said, I do not intend to tell you which plane and mods to use, which Eco
upgrades to buy first, or how to beat individual enemies, apart from bosses of
course, as every gamer is different, and some gamers are better with different
fighting styles. If you must know, I used the Interceptor, and favour melee
combat where possible, but each gamer should find a combat style that suits
them best.

Players should also realise that not all upgrades and mods are available on the
first playthrough. Upon completing the game you are given the opportunity to
start again in Hero mode, where the enemies are slightly harder, with all of
your upgrades, weapons, etc. In hero mode there are some new mods available,
new secrets available in the secrets menu, and some new chests scattered
throughout the game.

Finally, a little note about the Eco Powers. I have dropped the "Eco" from them
after the first time I mention them, but I have retained the capitalisation.
i.e. "Shield" means "Eco Shield", while "shield" refers to the small bits of
metal that a few enemies use to defend themselves.

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Version 1.07
- Granted permission for MMGN to host the guide

Version 1.06
- Removed "Coming Soon" sections. I just don't have the time to work on them
  at the moment, so I'd rather not promise something I don't know I can

Version 1.05
- Granted permission for Neoseeker to host the guide

Version 1.04
- By popular demand, I will add a collectables section after the end of the
  walkthrough. It is currently empty except for plane parts. I am including
  Hero mode only items in that section.

Version 1.03
- Added the location of some orbs, thanks to Jack Razglitch. Fixed a few typos.

Version 1.02
- Added a tip from Jim Hall for the Dark Mutant boss

Version 1.01
- Fixed a few minor errors, added tip from Great Destroyer about the monkey
  mutants. Granted permission for Super Cheats to host the guide.

Version 1.00
- Initial version. Controls completed, Walkthrough completed.

To find a specific section quickly, search (Ctrl+F) for the code inside the
square brackets.

1. Controls             [CTRL]
    A. Jak
    B. Flight
    C. Dark Daxter
2. Eco Upgrades         [UPGR]
    A. Red
    B. Yellow
    C. Blue
    D. Green
3. Walkthrough          [WKTH]
    A. Brink Island     [WK#A]
    B. Aeropa           [WK#B]
    C. Pirate Chase     [WK#C]
    D. Brink Island II  [WK#D]
      D*. Uberbot 888   [WKD*]
    E. Far Drop         [WK#E]
      E*. Dark Ape      [WKE*]
    F. Research Rig     [WK#F]
    G. Barracks         [WK#G]
    H. Far Drop II      [WK#H]
      H*. Female Pirate [WKH*]
    I. Sector Zero      [WK#I]
      I*. Behemoth      [WKI*]
    J. Research Rig II  [WK#J]
    K. Far Drop III     [WKJ*]
      K*. Behemoth II   [WKK*]
    L. Barracks II      [WK#L]
    M. Aeropa II        [WK#M]
      M*. Dark Mutant   [WKM*]
      M#. Skyheed       [WKM#]
    N. Skyheed Chase    [WK#N]
    O. Research Rig III [WK#O]
      O*. Behemoth III  [WKO*]
4. Plane Parts          [PLNE]
5. FAQs                 [FRAQ]
6. Contact Details      [CTDT]
7. Credits              [CDTS]

1. Controls   [CTRL]

These controls are straight out of the booklet that came with the game.

1.A           Jak

Left Analog stick:           Move Jak
Right Analog stick:          Move Camera
X:                           Jump
X, X:                        Double Jump
O:                           Spin Kick
Square ([]):                 Staff Strike   (Punch)
X, []:                       Dive
[], X:                       Uppercut
X,  O:                       Aerial Spin Kick
R1:                          Fire Weapon
Directional Buttons:         Select Weapon.
     Up:                     Scatter Gun
     Down:                   Blaster
     Left:                   Vulcan Gun
     Right:                  Lobber
R2:                          Eco Amplifier
L2 + R1:                     Eco Teleport
L2 + Triangle (T):           Eco Reflexes
L2 + O:                      Eco Shield
L2 + X:                      Eco Boost
L2 + []:                     Eco Construct
L2 (tap):                    Eco Power Cycle
L1 + R1 (tap):               Center Camera
Start:                       Pause

1.B        Flight

Left or Right Analog stick:  Steering
O:                           Action or Daxterjack
X:                           Speed Boost
[]:                          Air Brakes
R1:                          Fire Primary Weapon
L1:                          Fire Secondary Weapon
T:                           Fire Heavy Weapon
Directional Buttons:         Advanced Manoeuvres
      Up:                    Loop the Loop
      Down:                  Slip Turn
      Left or Right:         Barrel Roll

1.C   Dark Daxter

Left Analog Stick:           Move
T:                           Enter/Exit Frenzy
O:                           Ground Slam
[]:                          Grab/Throw Enemy
X:                           Throw Eco Bolt

2. Upgrades      [UPGR]

The upgrades for each colour of Eco must be bought in order, starting with the
cheapest. For example Infuse Enemy 1 cannot be bought until Melee Damage 1 has.

2.A     Red

250  Melee Damage 1
300  Infuse Enemy 1
400  Amplifier Efficiency
500  Melee Damage 2
550  Amplifier Radiation
600  Infuse Enemy 2
700  Melee amage 3
800  Construct Spike

2.B     Yellow

200  Energy Punch
300  Energy Dive
350  Aimed Construct Shards
400  Rocket Jump Knockback
450  Energy Uppercut
500  Energy Punch 2
600  Shield Spikes
700  Rocket Jump Explosion

2.C      Blue

150  Spin Diffuse
350  Eco Power Regen 1
450  Spin Reflect
500  Cheaper Reflexes
550  Eco Power Regen 2
600  Increased Shield Time
650  Detect Secrets
750  Increased Reflex Time

2.D       Green

200  Health Bonus 1
350  Health Pack++
500  Health Bonus 2
550  Health Pack+++
600  Health Bonus 3
650  Cheaper Shields
800  Health Bonus 4
900  Life Siphon

3. Walkthrough   [WKTH]

3.A  Brink Island       [WK#A]

While on a quest to the Brink to look for Eco, Jak, Daxter and Keira are
attacked by Sky Pirates. As they fight them off Jak discovers that the Eco is
too unstable for him to turn into Dark Jak. While Defending him Daxter shoots a
hole in their Hellcat's fuel tanks, forcing them to crash land on Brink Island.

Keira tells Jak and Daxter to go and look for some Green Eco to fuel their

When you gain control of Jak run towards the archway in front of you and punch
the "Flesh Eating Armadillos". Make sure to collect the Dark Eco they leave
behind, it can be used to buy Upgrades later in the game. Jump up the stepping
stones and cross the bridge, killing any Armadillos you come across. Press
Triangle near the stone pillar to attempt to push it over. Both L1 and R1 must
be pressed rapitly at the same time, not one after the other, to succeed.
Continue along the path, killing Armadillos along the way. When Daxter tells
you to, use a double jump and spin to jump across to the next large platform.
Kill all the Armadillos on that platform and the game will point out a crystal
of Green Eco. Walk up to it and Jak will collect it. Return to Keira back the
way you came. When you get to the bridge some Armadillos will destroy it,
requiring you to swing across the gap on a pole. Press X to release from the
pole as Jak is pointing straight down and you will end up on the other side.

Keira tells you that the crystal is actually an Eco Prism, converting Dark Eco
to Green Eco. She rigs up a system so it can fuel the Hellcat, and you take off
to defend an airship from the pirates.

Before you can defend the airship, you must first check the controls. Follow
Keira's instructions to finish the "course". If you are struggling with the
pitch (up and down) controls, they can be inverted in the options menu.

Once that is done you will have to take out nine pirate planes. They travel
in groups of three, so it may be useful to get in behind a group and follow
them until they are destroyed. The machine gun has unlimited ammo, so you can
just hold down R1 for the whole fight without any worries. It is easier to find
the pirates if you look at the minimap in the lower right corner of the screen.
The airship is marked in green, and the pirates are the small red triangles.
You are the small blue triangle which is always at the exact center of the map.

Once the nine pirates have been killed, eighteen more will come. These ones
will shoot at you, so use the directional buttons to avoid their fire. Once
they have been taken out you will land on the airship and bee greeted by the
leader of the Aeropan people, Duke Skyheed.

3.B        Aeropa       [WK#B]

Leave the hangar and explore Aeropa. Some of the Orb hunt challenges will not
be possible yet, only becoming possible on Hero Mode with your Eco powers.
Talk to Keira to buy some upgrades with your Dark Eco. Then head up to talk to
Duke Skyheed. Duke Skyheed reveals that they are looking for the Eco core, a
vast eco source. His second in command, Chancellor Ruskin, gives Jak the Eco
Seeker and Jak tries to use his Eco powers to activate it, but the Eco is too
unstable and he is unable to. Keira requests to study it, and they agree,
provided that Jak can complete the Danger Course.

Head for the Danger Course, where you will recieve the Blaster mod for your
Gunstaff. You will be told how to fire it, and then may attempt the Danger
Course. It is divided into three sections. The first section is similar to the
gun courses of Jak II and Jak 3 - Flat targets pop up out of slots on the
ground. Shoot the pirates, but watch out for the people wearing red with their
hands in the air. They are civilians and shooting them will detract from your
score. The slots light up when there are targets for you to shoot on them, so
keep an eye on that. After the first room you are able to move the camera to
get a better view. After the rooms and two corridors you will be in the final
room. There are guns towards one end and metal shields will pop out of the
ground and move towards them. Use the shield to protect yourself, but you
you can run out from behind them to shoot at targets. If you do, keep moving
in the same direction. If you stop or try to change direction you will get hit.
After reaching the end of the room walk into the green glow to end the course.
If you have reached the target you will be rewarded with Dark Eco, and Orbs if
you did well enough, and if you haven't reached the target you will be sent
back to the start.

The second section is a platforming section. Jump onto the conveyor belts and
shoot the platforms ahead to turn them so you can stand on them and activate
the targets. The platforms do not turn back, so you can stand on them as long
as you like. Once on them shoot the targets. Inactive targets are dark grey,
active targets are white with a red ring and targets which have been shot are
light grey. Each target is worth 100 points. At one of the conveyor belts there
are two platforms. The one off the side of the conveyor is a side path which
has two orbs on it. If you want to get either Gold or Silver you must take this
side path. Otherwise it can be skipped.

The third section os another gun course which is very similar to the first one.
Once you have completed it you can leave the Danger Course. When you leave
Daxter will fall down a hole. As he nervously looks around he is
drenched in Dark Eco, trasforming into a large, powerful creature with a much
deeper voice. Proceed along the tunnel, killing the creatures you encounter
along the way. Any spiders you encounter may be picked and thrown at holes in
the ground. This creates a platform of spiderweb which can be used to cross the
holes. They can also be used to jam up the crushing machinery that you
encounter. Certain walls blocking your path can be broken through in frenzy
mode, but only when the Dark Eco meter is near full. Bounce of the Dark Eco
crystals in frenzy mode to fill your meter slightly. If you run out of Dark
Eco, touching a crystal will refill the meter to 50. Eventually you will come
to some sweepers with exposed wiring and Guns shooting you. Use your Ground
Slam to turn over batteries nearby to switch them around, allowing you to pass.
Once you reach the end Daxter will turn back to normal and meet up with Jak.

Head up to Skyheed and Ruskin will give the Seeker to Keira. A Sky Pirate then
swings down and snatches it from her. When she chases after him he pulls her
into his plane and flies off.

3.C  Pirate Chase      [WK#C]

Return to the Hangar and fly after the pirate. The pirate will lead you through
some volcanic tunnels, where lava covered rocks pop up out of the ground and
drones shoot at you. Dodge the rocks and shoot the drones. If you try to shoot
the pirate Keira will remind you that she is on board, and tells you to stop
shooting. When you reach the end of the tunnel you are introduced to
Daxterjacking. Press O to grapple the pirate's plane and if you stay behind the
plane and close enough for a short time (you will against this pirate, but not
against other opponents) Daxter will be fired at the plane. a small button
pressing minigame then occurs where Daxter disables one of his engines.

The pirate leads you through another volcanic tunnel. In this one, as well as
the lava and the drones there are also steam vents to worry about. The steam
vents block the tunnel, and must be deactivated by shooting a target on the
side of the tunnel. Once out of this tunnel, Daxterjack him again and this time
you will steal an Air Speed Mod from his plane.

After another Volcanic tunnel Daxterjack him again to get a lock-on missile. He
then leads Jak through one last tunnel and then towards some waterfalls. Keira
tries to warn them that it is a trap, but is cut off. More pirates then fly out
from near the waterfall and shoot up the Hellcat's engines, causing Jak to
crash land on Brink Island. Again.

3.D  Brink Island II     [WK#D]

Walk forward from the Hellcat and open the door. The Scatter Gun mod is behind
the door. Continue on around the cliff and across some poles. Then climb up the
platforms and you will see a Precursor idol. Approach it and you will be
awarded your first Eco power - The Eco Amlifier. Use it to break the boulder on
a small ledge to your right, where you will find five precursor orbs. Go back
to the idol climb up the ledge on the left and break the two boulders with your
power. You will come across some robots. Kill them however you see fit and
climb up the ledge. The robots here will come in two waves. kill one and the
second group will appear. Once you have defeated them all jump up the ledge
which the second group came from and walk up to the chest to get some armour,
which increases your health.

Push over the pillar and you will find a different type of robot, which looks
similar to the blast bots from Jak II and 3. These ones can also shoot at you,
so watch out when their guns start to glow red. when they do they are about to
fire a laser at you. Kill them, push over the pillar and kill the saw robots on
the other side. Head through the valley ahead, but once you enter it run
straight to the other side without slowing down, or the robots will make trees
fall on you.

Once through the valley head up the stream on the stepping stones. All except
the first one have a boulder on them, which must be destroyed with the
Amplifier from the stone before. Climb up the cliff and destroy the robots at
the top. Run through another valley and you will find some robots in front of a
force field. Once you have killed the robots there, two waves of saw robots
will come. Destroy them and play the minigame to pull out the fuse box next to
the force field.

Head forwards to find out that there is a crazy guy on the
island who can tell that Jak has been injected with Dark Eco. He then reveals
that he built the robots on the island to help him, but they turned against
him. He tells Jak that he can repair the Hellcat, but to do so he needs a
Velonium Power Pod. And the only one on the island is powering his Uber-Bot
888, which he built to take the island back from the other robots, but it
turned against him as well.

Head forwards and open the chest to recieve a mod to increase the damage done
by the Blaster. Then head through the wooden gate, open the next one and then
head through the last gate. Cross the bridge and walk up the the Precursor idol
to recieve the Eco Construct power. Walk up to the Green Eco crystals on the
ground and use your new power to create a step which you can use to climb the
ledge. Kill the saw robots and use another construct to cross the lava-filled
chasm. When you do the Uber-Bot 888 will appear.

3.D* Boss fight: Uber-Bot 888     [WKD*]

The fight with the Ubet-Bot takes place in two stages. In the first stage it is
covered with armour, and so cannot be damaged by regular attacks. You must use
the Amplifier to hurt it. In this stage it only ha two attacks. It will jump
and send out a shockwave and it will shoot out a lot of small saw blades. The
shockwave can be jumped over and the saw blades can be dodged by running
around. As he is hit more he will start to send out multiple shockwaves. When
he is jumping his shadow can be seen where he will land. Fire the Amplifier to
that spot, and then shoot it with the blaster as you land from jumping over the
shockwave. When his armour is off, get ammo and health packs from the boxes and
follow it down to the next area.

There it will start swinging its saws at you. Use the Eco Construct to break
the blades, shooting at it when you get the chance. Once both blades are broken
the lights on it will change from blue to orange and it will shoot a laser out
of its chest. Use the Amplifier and it will stick to the laser and explode.
Dodge its jumps and jump aver the blue laser, again firing when you get the
chance. As its health decreases it will start firing out two blue lasers. Once
its health bar is empty hit it once more with the Amplifier and it will

Pick up the Power Pod it leaves behind and heat into the cave that is
behind it. You will end up just outside the gates, so head left back to the
tree. From there head to the hangar and enter the Hellcat. In the Hellcat use
the machine gun and the lock-on missile which Daxter installed to take out the
propellers of the pirate ship. and then take out the thrusters at the back.
Finally take out the turrets mounted on the deck of the ship. Use the
directional button aerobatics to avoid the enemy gunfire while you do so. When
the turrets have been destroyed the captain will let Jak land.

Head out of the hangar and up the stairs to the bridge. Captain Phoenix and Jak
have a scuffle, during which the Eco Seeker is lost overboard. Keira forces Jak
and Phoenix to shake on a truce, which they both do grudgingly.

Head back down to the hangar and use the console to upgrade you ships. You now
have access to a pirate plane, the Sky Raider, as well as the Hellcat. Use
scrap metal you have collected to buy upgrades for the planes.

Fly back down to Brink Island to search for the Seeker. Once you land head out
of the hangar and head for the door to the volcano. Use the Eco Construct to
climb up to the volcano. Head through the door and go to the Precursor idol on
the left. The idol will give you the Eco Rocket Jump power. Use the power while
standing on the Yellow Eco vents to get a boost up the cliff. At the vent just
before the top keep holding L2 and press X again when Jak is in the Yellow Eco
cloud to get a further boost. Open the chest at the top of the cliff to recieve
more armour.

Head forwards and Phoenix will decide it would be more interesting if you have
a race. Don't worry too much about it though, take your time if you need to.
Jump across the platforms toand then run across to the poles. Swing across the
poles and head for the pillar. Watch out for the darker coloured section of the
floor with cracks in it, it will fall away a short time after you step on it.
Push over the pillar and head for the Green Eco crystals on the ground. Use the
Construct to cross the gap and kill the fire-breathing Armadillos. Swing across
the poles and use your Construct to cross another gap. Kill the three robots on
the other side to open up a Yellow Eco vent. uset the Rocket Jump to fly up to
the top of the cliff. Once you have done so the lava will rise, so you cannot
go back down.

Kill the two waves of armadillos and use the Construct to cross another gap,
then head across the crumbly floor to the next set of poles. Swing across the
poles to reach an Eco vent. There are some boxes near the vent which can be
used to restock on ammo and health. Jump up and the lava rises again.

Use the Construct to get across the gap and kill some robots. Then head past
the fire spouts and use the Construct again to get across another couple of 
gaps. Use the Rocket Jump on the Yellow Eco vent to get up to the last level.
Once again the lava will rise.

Info from Jack Razglitch:

"when you cross the lava to a burnt-like house go forward then left to find
rocks destroy to find orbs."

Cross a crumbly bridge and kill some robots, which will be followed by a wave
of armadillos. Use your Construct to cross the gap to the platform where the
Seeker is. Kill a wave of armadillos followed by a wave of robots. Then
retrieve the Seeker, which will unblock a Yellow Eco vent. When you head
towards it is revealed that Phoenix mad a wrong turn and got lost. Use the vent
and you will end up near the Precursor idol. Head back through the door and
return to the hangar. When you take off the crazy guy reveals that he has
hitched a lift with you. He is pleased to be off, but Daxter tells him not to
get too excited, as they crash into his island fairly often.

Back on the Phantom Blade head towards the back of the Ship and find Keira.
After some persuasion the crazy guy will activate the Eco Seeker. Keira
observes that it is running low on power, and suggests it is pointing to a new
fuel cell. Phoenix observes that it is pointing out over the brink, and so sets
a course for Far Drop to pick up supplies.

3.E  Far Drop   [WK#E]

Before you leave, pick up the Vulcan Fury mod for the gunstaff and open the
chest to improve the rate of fire for the Scatter gun. Head to the Hangar and
fly down to Far Drop. There you will meet Barter, who will ask you to defend
Far Drop from Dark Eco mutants. Head forwards from the entrance and open the
crate on the right to recieve increased ammo capacity for the Vulcan Fury.
Head forwards further and the monkey will run off. Chase after it and some Dark
eels will appear. Kill them and head up the bridge. When you get up the
second bridge some more eels will appear. Kill them and head towards the green
dot on the minimap. When you get halfway across the bridge before Barter's Bar
a counter will appear on the screen. The meter counts down as the bar is
damaged. When all the creatures attacking the bar are defeated, scrap metal
is awarded as a bonus. If the meter reaches zero the mission is failed. The
dark Eco mutants appear two at a time. Either attack them one at a time, or hit
both of them to stop the counter and spin kick then fire to take them out

Take the aeropult on the left of the bar to the power generator. Use the
Construct to cross the electrical discharges on the path to the control room.
Once you have defeated the mutants turn the wheel to turn off the power, which
stops the electricity blocking the exit. Walk up to the Precursor Idol to
recieve the Eco Reflexes power. Use the Reflexes to slow down the moving
platforms so that you can jump across them. Use the Eco vent to return to the
main square, and follow the monkey again.

As you chase after it you will come across some eels eating the cabbages. Kill
the first group of seven then use the reflexes to cross the fast platforms,
where there are two more. then cross the rocking platform to rech some more
fast platforms and another rocking platform. After that rocking platform there
are five eels. Only twelve of the eels need to be killed to complete the
mission, so don't worry too much if you miss one.

Take the aeropult back to the main square and follow the monkey towards the
orphanage. Use the Reflexes to climb the fast lift, then run up to some boxes.
There are two rocking platforms followed immediately by some fast moving
platforms. Jump across the first rocking platform and when you land on the
second one use the Reflexes as soon as you land. Then run up the platform and
jump across the fast moving ones. When you jump off the fast moving platforms
you will land on another rocking platform. Jump from that one to the next one
and finally up to the orphanage. The boxes on the left side near the aeropult
both contain health packs, so use these to regain health if necessary.

Take the aeropult back to the main square and follow the monkey to the crane.
Kill the two mutants that appear and then use the Construct on the Green Eco
crystals to knock two more off the container on the crane. Once they are dead
do it again to knock off the last two. Once they are dead stcok up on health
and ammo from the boxes in front of the crane and head to the main square for
the fight with the leader.

3.E*  Boss Fight: Dark Eco Monkey   [WKE*]

When the fight starts the monkey will run towards you. Jump to the side to
dodge as it dives at you. If it grabs you you will lose health have to perform
a minigame where Daxter frees you. This will not hurt the ape either. If you
manage to dodge the grab, it will be sprawled on the ground for a few seconds,
allowing you to get in a few free hits. When the monkey jumps to one corner of
the square some barells will fall down. It will roll them out away from it.
Spin them back at it for a little damage. It will then try and run at you
again. After it tries to grab you it will then try and pound you. Treat it
exactly the same as the grab. It can be dodged the same way and leave it open
afterwards. It repeats these two attacks until it is killed. If you are having
trouble dodging the roll, try usinf the Reflexes as it starts to run towards
you. That will give you a little more time.

As it gets hit it will start to get angry and it will move a little faster and
attack up close for longer. Just keep dodging its attacks and getting in hits
when you can and it will eventually fall.

When it is dead follow the flashing icon on your minimap to Barter's and he
will tell you that he will give you something if you liven the place up a bit,
by starting a good old fashioned bar fight.

You can't use weapons during this fight, so don't even bother trying. You can
however use your Eco powers to give you that extra edge. The pirates in the bar
only take a few punches to knock out, so just keep moving around so that you
don't get too overwhelmed. There are some health packs in boxes around the edge
if you need them. The Increased Melee Damage and Eco Punch upgrades come in
handy during this fight. Collect your reward from Barther and then return to
the Phantom Blade. When you get back Phoenix makes you an honorary pirate and
helmsman, so you can choose to return to places you have been before. Head to
the Abandoned Research Rig to continue the main story.

Tip from Grave Destroyer:

"As long as you shoot the gorilla mutants, the mutant boss included, they turn
red. Maybe it's something to do with them absorbing eco or something, but they
will become berserk and deal more damage. A way to cool them off is to punch
them, slowing them down."

3.F Research Rig    [WK#F]

Head down to the hangar and you will be shown your new plane - the Bomber. Take
the plane of your choice down to the landing area. Head out of the hangar and
follow the path along. Jump across the platforms at the endo of the path and
swing on the poles. Get health and ammo from the boxes if you need it. Walk
through the door and approach the Precursor idol on the left to get the Eco
Teleport power. This power allows you to swap places with smaller Precursor
idols. When you recieve the power you will be attacked by some mutants. Kill
them and use your new power to place the small idol on the button to open the

Jump up to the next area. The next idol is on the left side of this room, and
th button is in the red area on the right. You will need to use multiple
teleports for this one as there are some pipes blocking the line of sight.
Jump over the small fence to the next area, where you will be attacked by some
more mutants. Kill them and the gate blocking the door at the end of the room
will open. Head into the middle of the next room and Jak will walk up to an
experimentation chair and recognise the equipment as being identical to the
equipment the Baron used to inject him with Dark Eco in Jak II. He becomes
angry and says that whoever has been experimenting with Dark Eco should be

Walk up to the door in front of you and tear out the fuse box to open the door.
Walk up to the button on the left and use the Teleport to put an idol on it.
Then go back and do the same for the button on the right. Walk up to the edge
of the platform and watch the two platforms moving around. Jump onto the empty
one and quickly use Teleport to move over to the other side of the barrier.
Jump off to the platform and stand on the button. Move the camera to look at
the barrier and when the idol just passes through to the same side use Teleport
again and then jump over to the platform you were standing on. Walk through the
open gate to the next room.

Jump onto the pipes over the pool of Dark Eco. The pipes all have holes in them
and have Yellow Eco leaking out just like an Eco vent. Use the Rocket Jump to
climb the pipes to the top of the room. When you walk through to the next room,
a mutant will cause a rock slide and destroy the bridge, so use the Construct
to go over an kill it and its one friend. Go through to the next room.

When you get to the platform in the room the walkway you used to get there
falls away. Several large spiders fall down from the ceiling in several waves,
each one having more spiders than the one before. Once they have all been
killed a different walkway extends to a door. Go through the door and jump
across the moving metal containers to reach the other side of the room. Walk
through the door and kill the mutants which are there. Then head for the Eco
crystals on the left of the idols. Use the Construct and climb up to the ledge.
Ignore the orbs you can see here for the moment, they can't be reached from
this side. Head along the platform and use the Construct on the Eco crystals.
These two sets of crystals will not break over time, so you can take your time.
Jump down to the main area of the room and head to the constructs. Climb them
and kill the spiders at the top. Then go back to the Eco crystals in front of
the idols. Use the Construct and quickly run up to the ledge where the spiders
were and from there jump across the constructs to the other side. Open the
chest to get some more armor. If you want to get the orbs you could see earlier
head left and use the Construct there to climb up to them. When getting the orb
which is off the edge, if you die you will end up next to the chest, so will
not have to cross the gap again.

Head through the door by the chest and you will meet Keira at the control room.
Several mutants and spiders appear, so Jak tells Keira to get it working while
he holds them off. During the fight keep moving around the room so that you
don't end up surrounded. Use the boxes around the room if you need more health
or ammo. Once you have defeated them all, Keira says that she has got the
controls working, and all they need is a little Eco power. Jak channels Eco
into a panel on the controls and a small chute comes out and releases some
Light Eco. The group start to leave, but Daxter notices what he thinks is a
candy machine and walks up to it. When he does it picks him up, stuffs a red
ball into his mouth and puts him into one of the metal containers. Eventually
Daxter gets the ball out, but is then drenched in Dark Eco. Dark Daxter breaks
out of the box and jumps down to the ground below.

Head to the right and break the computer and then kill the enemies that come.
Once this is done a laser turns on and breaks through the baricade at the end
of the room. Head along the path to the next room. In this room use the
batteries to switch which way the laser gets bent. In this room the switches
need to be -, +, -, from left to right to break down the barricade. Then go
back and flip the middle one to move the laser out of the way again. Follow the
path along and use the Frenzy to break through the door. Stay in Frenzy to pass
through the fire without getting hurt, and use the fire picked up to burn
up the spiders' webbing which is blocking you.Frenzy along to the next room
and burn through the webbing there.

Exit Frenzy an pick up a spider and throw it on the holes on the left of the
room. Make sure the hole on the left gets covered. A second spider will appear
once you have killed the first, so don't worry if you miss. Flip the left
battery and cross the webbing. Kill all the enemies in this room and break the
computer. Then flip both batteries. Leave the laser pointing along the path and
walk along it into the next room. Use Frenzy and fire to burn up the webbing in
front of it to get at a few orbs, and flip the battery next to the fire. Break
the computer if you haven't already and frenzy around the back side of the
switch to burn the webbing on the other side of the laser. Then flip the switch
on that side to break the baricade. Flip it again to move it out of the way and
go along the path to the final set of lasers. Kill all the enemies and then
head clockwise around the outside and flip the battery you come across. Then
flip the battery in the middle of the area followed by the one at the outside
to break the baricade. Flip the outside one again and enter the lift.

Daxter turns back to normal, and complains about how hard it is turning Dark,
but Jak doesn't listen, as he has seen a new plane which looks much faster than
their other ones.

Head back to the Phantom Blade and go see Keira to get the Lobber gun mod. At
the helm Keira inserts the Light Eco into the Seeker, and Phoenix makes her
First Mate. The Seeker points in two directions, towards two of its missing
parts. One is near Far Drop, and the other is the other direction. Jak and
Phoenix argue over which way they should go first and Phoenix defers the
decision to Keira, who asks Jak what he wants to do. Phoenix leaves in a huff.
The next two areas can be completed in either order. They are listed here in
the order I normally complete them.

3.G    Barracks    [WK#G]

Head down to the hangar and fly down to the landing area. Head forwards out of
the hangar and walk up to the Precursor idol on the left to get the Eco Shield
power. Continue on to the door, where the Castaway punches in a code and opens
the door. Pull out the fuse box to stop the force field and use the Shield to
roll across the Dark Eco. Kill the eels that appear. You cannot punch or spin
while in the Shield, so you will need to shoot them or wait until it times out.

Head through the door and use the Shield to roll across the Dark Eco. Try to
avoid the spouts, as while you are on them you cannot roll. Then kill the two
guards that appear. Approach the next pool of Dark Eco. When the spout pops up
with the idol on it quickly use the Shield and then Teleport to swap places
with it. Then Teleport again to swap places with the idol on the other side.

Keep going along the path, killing the two groups of enemies that will appear
as you reach certain points. Then use the Shield and Teleport method to cross
the next pool, which has four idols rather than two. Use the Amplifier to break
down the grey wall on the right and kill the enemies behid it. Head through the
door and kill the enemies behind that one. Go through the double doors and
shoot the guards on the Dark Eco. Then use the Shield to roll across it.

Head forwads to the maze. Stand on the button and use Teleport to enter the
maze. Then head forwards one "square" of the maze and look left. The button
should be between you and the idol. Teleport and stand on the button. When you
do, one of the force fields next to it will turn off. look through where that
force field was to see another idol. Teleport with that one and stand on the
button. Then Teleport to swap places with the second idol, which is the only
one not on a button. Head towards the first idol and then turn right. Go to the
idol and button which is straight ahead and then turn left. Go through the
double set of doors and head right. Use the Amplifier to break down the cracked
grey tank which has Dark Eco leaking out of it and then use the Shield to roll
across the pool.

When you approach the door it will open to reveal a floating Dark Eco creature.
Enter the room and kill all the enemies until the creature revives them. Then
it will come down where you can hit it, so attack both it and the others. It
will occasionally teleport after it is hit, so keep an eye on it. Once they are
all dead head through the large door with green stripes on it. It is revealed
that the Castaway was a Dark Eco Sage, and was experimenting with Dark Eco for
the Aeropans. Phoenix was the leader of the Aeropan Air Force at that point,
but refused to experiment on people. Skyheed declared him an outlaw, so he
kidnapped the chief scientist and marooned him on an island. The Castaway took
a knock to the head in the struggle, which is why he has memory loss. Both
groups agree to stop the Aeropans.

Pick up the Coordinate Sphere and Klout will come on the communicator to report
that the Phantom Blade is under attack. Head to the hangar and fly out towards
the Phantom Blade. Some turrets for a defence system rise out of the wall
between the Blade and the landing area. Shoot out the turrets and a missile
will be fired. Jak will drop Daxter onto the missile to Daxterjack it. If
successful, Daxter will turn the missile around and you can steer it into the
red sopt on the launcher to destroy it.

The remaining launchers will rise further, revealing more turrets. Take these
out and another missile will be fired. Once the second tower is destroyed the
last tower wil rise further still. Take out the turrets and Daxterjack the
missile to take out the final tower. You will automatically land on the Phantom
Blade. Head uo to the helm to choose the next destination.

3.H   Far Drop II    [WK#H]

Head down to the hangar and fly down to Far Drop. Then go to Barter's Tavern.
There Jak sees a female pirate who has a Coordinate Sphere. He offers to pay
her for it, but she says she would rather fight.

3.H*  Boss Fight: Female Pirate    [WKH*]

This boss is fast, so you will need to use your Reflexes often. Despite the
fact that she uses weapons, you still can't and so you must defeat her with
melee attacks. Once her health is down to about 75%, she will retreat and send
some of the other patrons to attack you. knock them out and she will start
throwing bombs at you. Run around the tavern to avoid them. She will then jump
down onto one of the tables and start shooting at you. Use reflexes to dodge
the bullets and destroy the table. She will jump onto another table. Repeat
until the inner ring of tables has been destroyed. She will start attacking
with her sword again, so use the same tacics you used for the first stage.

Eventually she will retreat again and send the rest of the patrons at you.
Knock them out and she will throw a more bombs. Dodge them as before and she
will start attacking with her sword again. Whittle down her health as you did
the previous two times and she will start shooting at you from the tables.
Break some of the tables ans she will revert to her sword. Hit her some more
and she will shoot from the tables again. Break a couple of tables and she will
jump back up to the top of the room and start throwing bombs into the center of
the room one at a time. These will send out lasers which move around the room
until they blow up. Both the bombs and the lasers can be avoided by standing on
the stage. Then she will jump back down and attack with her sword. When she is
finished off collect the Coordinate Sphere and head back to the Phantom Blade.
Head up to the helm and choose the next destination.

Once you have collected the two Coordinate Spheres Keira will be able to trace
a signal from the third one, giving you access to Sector Zero.

3.I    Sector Zero    [WK#I]

Head down to the hangar and fly into the Vortex. Fly around the objects and
shoot at the mines and ghost pirate ships. Watch out for the ships flying in
formation which will send out green beams between them. The beam damages your
plane, so shoot at least one end of each beam before trying to fly past. Once
they have set the beams up for a few seconds they will release it, so destroy
the pirates' planes as quickly as you can. Ghost pirates will jump out of the
planes that do not set up green beams, so be prepared to dodge them if you do
not kill them fast enough. Eventually you will reach the sphere, at which point
Jak will automatically grab it and fly out of the Vortex. Once you are out, a
large object pops up on the Phantom Blade's radar - The Behemoth.

3.I*  Boss Fight: The Behemoth     [WKI*]

The Behemoth will charge some of the wrecks floating around with Dark Eco,
turning them into mobile bombs. Shoot them all to protecct the Phantom Blade.
Then some power nodes on the Behemoth will become vulnerable. Shoot them and
the Behemoth will charge some more wrecks with Dark Eco. This time they will
target your plane as well as the Blade, so shoot them before you take too much
damage. Then a bay in the Behemoth will open up. Fly through it and shoot the
computers inside to expose some more power nodes. Finally the Behemoth will
send out some flying drones, and then an energy field which will damage and
knock back your plane. The drones will then start to shoot lasers at you, so
shoot them back. Each time the energy field is sent out the drones will
alternate between shooting you and the Blade. Once they are destroyed take out
the final two power nodes and the Behemoth will pull away. Return to the
Phantom Blade and Keira will tell you to head up on deck. Take the lift by the
stairs to the helm.

The Behemoth has pulled alongside the Blade. Tunt towards it and head for that
side of the ship. Some Aeropans will board and start attacking the ship. Kill
them and head for one of the large Lob Turrets towards the middle of the ship.
Use that to destroy the smaller Aeropan ship launching missiles at the Blade.
More Aeropans will board. Exit the lob turret and take them out, then get back
the lob turret and take the highlighted guns on the Behemoth. Theke out the
boarders that jump on then use the lob turret to take out two smaller ships.
Then destroy more guns on the Behemoth. Repeat, Killing boarders, small ships
and guns until the Behemoth pulls away.

Head back down the lift and talk to Keira to discover that the Seeker is
pointing to the Research Rig. Phoenix remembers that the rig was built on top
of some strange formations, which the Aeropans were unable to open. Keira
deduces that they must have been built by Precursors. Head up to the helm and
go to the Research Rig.

3.J   Research Rig II    [WH#J]

Head down to the hangar. When you leave the Phantom Blade the Aeropans will put
up a shield around the rig. You must take out the three shield generators.
Head towards the highlighted generator and destroy the hangar below it to stop
the repair barges from coming to repair it. Then shoot and destroy the barges,
and then finally the generator. Some fighters will appear. Shoot the Hangar
that they came from and then shoot the fighters. Then take out the repair
barges and finally the generator. Repeat for the third generator and then land
at the Research Rig.

Jak, Daxter, Keira and Phoenix head down to the Eco Core. Jak powers up the
control panel and Keira discovers that the prism at the center is out of
alignment. She fixes it, but they need to bring it online slowly. Then Klout
appears, aparrently having captured Skyheed, but it turns out that Skyheed has
bribed Klout. Skyheed orders them to kill them all except Jak, who he wants
studied, but Keira pusjes a button and send a huge wave of energy from the core
and puts up an energy field around it. The four escape in the Phantom Blade.

Back on the Blade head out of the hangar and Phoenix recieves word that the
Aeropans are attacking Far Drop. The group decides that they must defend Far
Drop at all costs.

3.K   Far Drop III     [WK#K]

Head to the hangar and fly down to Far Drop. Head out of the hangar and head
towards the main square. An Aeropan and a gun on two floating platforms will
appear in the gap in the path. Kill the Aeropan to make the gun explode and use
the platforms left behind to cross the gap. Continue forwards and to the right
and kill the two armoured soldiers on the path, followed by an Aeropan with two
floating guns. Use the platforms to head up to the left. Kill the two armoured
Aeropans and head down to the stream. On the second platform in the water the
camera will positon. Use the Shield to head up to the boxes shown ahead.
Then kill the two Aeropans with floating guns and head around the corner. Use
the Shield to get through their energy field and destroy the plasma globe-like
item in the middle to bring it down, then kill the enemies there.

Barter will then inform you of his master plan to defend Far Drop. Step one is
to take the Aeropult up to the generator to turn on the power. To get out, Jak
sends Daxter inside a Shield to get help. However he can't keep the Shield up
for long, giving Daxter a time limit. Simply roll down the path and into the
Aeropan on the floating platform to return to Jak with the platform. Jump
across the platforms to the main area, and then head forwards and to the left.
Cross the floating platforms towards the hangar and then head right to the

Use the Shield to get past and destroy the energy field and take out the
enemies, including and Aeropan with two floating guns. Then turn the wheel at
the base of the crane to release the container, which drops and leaves an
Aeropult battery. Then head back the way you came the first time. Up the
stairs, left, across the floating platforms, follow the path and across more
floating platforms to the left. Head towards the stream, where you will be
attacked by an Aeropan with a floating gun. Use the platforms left behind to
skip the stream section. Use the re-aimed Aeropult to launch a payload to
unblock the path the the orphanage, then take the Aeropult yourself.

Head up the path and destroy the energy field and kill the enemies. A small
storage device will open and reveal a bomb. Pick it up and then take the
Aeropult nearby to a ledge. Send Daxter for help in a Shield. Again it is
simply a matter of following the path along, although it is much longer this
time. Try to avoid the barrels, as hitting them will reduce the Shield's
integrity. Ride the platform down to the Aeropan ship. Take out the Aeropans on
board and then plant the bomb at the controls. Head through the door which has
opened in the barrier where you land and go right to get back to the hangar.

3.K*  Boss Fight: Behemoth II     [WKK*]

Take to the skies and the Behemoth will approach Far Drop. Take out the
fighters and approach the Behemoth. A large crystal will rise out of the back
of the Behemoth. Destroy it and then take down the fighters it sends out.
Destroy another generator crystal. Repeat until three generator crystals have
been destroyed, at which point the Behemoth will pull out. Return to the
Phantom Blade.

Go up to the helm and the group will be given a code to a warp gate at the
Barracks which leads to Aeropa. Fly the Phantom Blade to the Barracks.

3.L   Barracks II     [WK#L]

Fly down to the barracks. Head into the building and take the door on the left
just inside the entrance. The group will head through the warp gate, but Daxter
will be grabbed by an Aeropan. He absorbs Dark Eco from the Aeropan and becomes
Dark Daxter and then runs off.

Head to the right and kill the Aeropans that appear. Frenzy through the fire
and use the fire to set off the bombs next to the barricades. Continue along
the path until you get to a battery. Slam the battery and kill the Aeropans.
Head right to the next battery and flip it. Kill any Aeropans that attack and
go through the doorway twards the bottom right of the screen. Flip the battery
and use frenzy around the outside of the room through the fire in the
anticlockwise direction starting at the top right. Blow up the baricade and go
through where it was and flip the switch back. Head back through where the
barricade was and frenzy to blow up the next three baricades.

Then pick up and throw an Aeropan onto the red sensor to open the door at the
right of the room and head through it. Go forwards and flip the button, then
frenzy through the fire to the next button. Flip it and throw Aeropans onto the
two scanners which have fire in front of them. Head through the toor on the top
right and get to the button. Flip it and then lure an Aeropan into the small
section outlined in purple on the floor and slam the ground to flip the button
from inside the square. Pick up the Aeeropan you lured and throw them onto the
sensor and head through the door on the right. Frenzy through the fire, pick up
an Aeropan and throw it onto the sensor. Then go back and collect sdome fire in
a frenzy and use it to destroy the baricade through the door on the right. Note
that the Aeropan can leave the sensor, provided that you do not touch it after
it has done so. Stay in frenzy and blow up the baricade in the middle of the
room. Then throw two Aeropans onto the sensor at the top right and left of the
room and head forwards through the door.

On the other side of the warp gate Jak is worried about Daxter and is
considering going back for him. Daxter comes through the warp gate and Keira
turns it off. She tells them that the first thing they need to do is destroy
Skyheed's weapon control system so that they can use their guns.

3.M  Aeropa II    [WK#M]

Open the chest to the left of the door to get upgraded damage for the Lobber.
Head through the door and use either the Shield or Reflexes to get past the
lasers. Follow the path along. Kill the four Aeropans in the next room and a
pirate plane will break apart a building, allowing Jak to proceed. Climb up the
building and use the Construct to cross the fire. Head up to the left and cross
some poles and then use the Rocket Jump on the Eco vent to climb higher. Go to
the right and across some more poles, then Rocket Jump up another ledge.

Cross the movng platforms, being careful to jump over the red arms which will
push you off the platforms. Use the construct to cross the last gap to the
weapons control system and punch it out. Defeat the Aeropans and head through
the door. Head along the path and usee the construct followed by the Rocket
Jump to climb the destroyed building. Phoenix tries to warn you of a Dark Eco
mutant near the palace, but is cut off. Open the chest to recieve more armour.
Use the construct to cross the gap and jump down into the palace to come face
to face with a very large Dark Eco Mutant.

3.M*  Boss Fight: Dark Mutant    [WKM*]

Use the Amplifier to damage it. It will always be at close range, so shoot the
Amplifier as soon as it as created. Use a Shield if you find in necessary.
Keep running around while it is, and when is tries to pound you dodge it and
hit it with the amplifier. When it starts to glow red it will move faster.
Eventually it will put up a Shield of its own and break through the door.

Follow it out, and hit it with an Amplifier to continue the fight. When it puts
up its Shield, just run away and avoid its attacks. It will glow a brighter red
as the fight goes on. The brighter it glows the faster it will attack and the
less time it will take to recover between attacks. Just keep up the same
strategy as before, and it will eventually fall. While it may seem like a good
idea to use Reflexes to slow it down, it uses a lot of Eco power, so it is
normally better just to spam the Amplifier until it dies.

Tip from Jim Hall:

"I actually found him very easy to defeat by
(1) activating my Eco Shield, and
(2) using the lobber on him at close range.
You can do a LOT of damage to him very quickly. When you run out of lobber
ammo, switch to shotgun [Author's note: Scatter Gun] with the same tactic. As
your Shield runs out, run away for it to recharge. I only took one hit from him
during our entire boss battle."

Head through the gate that opens and meet up with Keira. If you have Eco
available, buy upgrades now, the next fight is the last one on foot. Stock up
on ammo and health packs from the boxes and when you are ready head through the
door. and take the lift. At the top, Skyheed will transform into a massive Dark
Eco form, and reveals his intentions to rule the world. Ruskin will appear and
tell Skyheed that he has gone too far, and Jak realises that he was the one
that sent the code for the warp gate. Skyheed then blasts him away, and Jak
decides to stand up to him.

3.M#  Boss Fight: Skyheed    [WKM#]

It takes a lot of damage to take down Skyheed, with the Lobber being the only
gun that has a noticable effect on his health bar. Start the battle by running
around and getting him to jump into the pillars. This will do more damage than
any of your attacks, including the Amplifier. After he jumps into a few, he
will go and pick up a plane from nearby and use it to shoot at you. Hide behind
a pillar in the middle or the edge, so that you don't take damage. He will then
fire missiles at the area and throw the plane at you. Run back to avoid getting
hit by the splash damage when the plane blows up. The missiles he has shot are
stuck in the ground, and can be spun back at Skyheed to damage him.

When he is down to about half health he will pick up another plane. Repeat what
you did before to avoid the attacks. Once he is back in the main area spin some
more missiles at him. Once he is down to about 25% health he will jump onto the
statue in the center of the area and start shooting Dark Eco at you. run around
the outside to dodge it, but watch out as he will also destroy small sections
of the area, leaving Dark Eco underneath. Either jump across the small sections
remaining or use the Shield and roll across it. Once he finishes that and jumps
down, get him to jump into any remaining pillars. Once they are all destroyed
use the Amplifier and the Lobber, the combination of which does the most
damage, to finish him off. There is some extra lobber ammo in some boxes around
the outside of the area if you need more.

Once he is finished, he will jump onto a waiting plane. Jak will jump after
him, but will slip and be left hanging from the tail. A rope drops down, so he
grabs it and Skyheed flies off. Phoenix pulls Jak up to the deck of the Phantom
Blade, and Jak decides to pursue Skyheed, telling Phoenix to keep Keira safe.
Head down to the hangar and get in a plane.

3.N   Skyheed Chase     [WK#N]

Note that for this section, although it says in the top corner of the screen
to kill Skyheed, and although he has a health bar, you do not need to damage
him whatsoever, and if you do, it is impossible to kill him. He will stop
taking damage after a certain amount in each section, and will not go below a
third health. Due to this, I have not treated this section like a boss fight.

Follow Skyheed through the portal, and then keep close behind him. Dodge the
lasers he flies through. When he flies through the wall, shoot where he flies
through to follow him. Fly around the large objects that he flies through, and
then follow him through another wall. Keep close to him and shoot the drones
shooting at you.

Follow him through another portal, and he will fly around the room. When he
'teleports' he will start shooting at you, fly towards him to make him stop.
Keep an eye on him and he will fly through another portal.

In this section there are several long rooms, in which an arm will come out of
the wall, and then take a swipe at you. Shoot at the marked sections of it to
stop it. Don't get too far from Skyheed though, once he has flown through the
door at the end of the room it will start to close, and flying through it will
damage your plane. After four of those rooms he will fly through another portal
to a small, round room. he will do exactly the same thing in this room as he
did in the last room like this, so do exactly what you did to avoid damage.

Eventually he will fly through another portal to a room with pipes in it. He
will shoot holes in the pipes to make Dark Eco spill out. Avoid the Dark Eco
and keep up with him, shooting the drones that appear, until he flies through
another portal. This portal takes you back to the rooms with the arms, but from
the other direction. Shoot the arms out as before and follow Skyheed into
another portal.

In this round room, do the same as before. When he flies through the portal you
will end up doing the first part of this section in reverse. Follow Shyheed and
you will end up back at the Phantom Blade. Land, and the Blade will go to the
research rig for the final showdown.

3.O   Research Rig III     [WK#O]

You will be in the hangar. Modify the plane of your choice now, and spend any
scrap metal you have in preparation for the final battle. Now is not the best
time to try out a new weapon or setup though. Once you have left the Phantom
Blade, you cannot come back. When you are ready get in the plane and face the

3.O* Boss Fight: Behemoth III    [WKO*]

The Behemoth will have a shield up, but the Blade will shoot rockets at it and
take it down. Shoot at the exposed Dark Eco crystals on the Behemoth. Once they
are destroyed the Behemoth will send out some fighters and put up another
shield. Shoot down the fighters and the Blade will destroy the shield, exposing
more Dark Eco crystals. Destroy them and shoot down more fighters to reveal the
next lot of Dark Eco crystals. This time there will also be some drones putting
up a shield in front of the ship. Fly around it and then destroy them if you
wish, but it isn't necessary, although it will mak it a bit easier. Then take
out the next lot of fighters and a crystal will rise out of the back of the
Behemoth. Shoot that out. After a short time the crystal will send you into
some kind of energy area, which plays out like the Vortex. Just fly through it,
avoiding the Dark Eco. The faster you fly through it the smaller the Dark Eco
lumps will be, and so the easier they will be to avoid.

Once the crystal is destroyed your plane will explode, but Keira will catch you
on the Hellcat. Phoenix will then fly the Phantom Blade into the energy beam
connecting the Behemoth to the Eco Core, destroying the Phantom Blade and
killing him in the process. His death was not in vain however, as it damaged
the Behemoth, exposing the final Eco crystals and allowing it to be destroyed.

Keira has removed all the weaponry you had fitted to the Hellcat, and replaced
it with and Eco energy beam weapon. Use the new weapon to destroy the four
remaining Dark Eco crystals on the Behemoth. Once this is done the Behemoth
will explode.

The Eco Core will absorb all the Dark Eco from the Behemoth and start radiating
Eco of all colours. Back in the control room, Keira checks the control panel
and says that everything is working how it should, and the Eco instability is
dropping quickly. Then she puts her hand near the screen and inadvertently
channels Eco energy. The Castaway comments that she may be turning into an Eco
Sage. He then reveals that his name is Tym, and Keira comments that they have
been decoding the symbols at the Core, and that one represents the Core itself,
and there are several energy lines leading away from it, and a big one points
out over the Brink. Jak and Keira agree to go exploring, but Daxter protests,
demanding that he gets a vote too. Jak asks for everyone in favour of going
on a new adventure to raise their hands, which he and Keira do. Keira comments
that it is two to one, so Daxter loses. Jak and Keira then kiss, and Daxter
reluctantly agrees, while listing off a long list of things that he wants to
take as the credits begin to roll.

After the credits, you will be asked if you wish to start a Hero Mode game.
If you choose yes, the game will be autosaved as the first two armadillos on
Brink Island pop up. If you choose to quit and then come back later, you will
start at the begining of the final battle with the Behemoth.

4.Plane Parts   [PLNE]

There are five parts to the plane. They are only available after you have
talked to Tym for the first time in Hero mode. Collecting all of them unlocks
a new plane which replaces the Hellcat in the Hangar. The new plane combines
the best traits from each plane.

The plane parts rapidly grow and shrink, making them appear to flash. If you
see something moving out of the corner of your eye then that is it. Thanks to
GameFAQs user MC80A Liberty for posting these locations on GameFAQs so that I
could find some of them in the first place.

1. Among the pillars near the landing area on Brink Island.
2. Underneath Brink Island
3. Underneath the large island structure outside the cave at Far Drop
4. In a valley near the landing area at the Aeropan Barracks
5. In a gap in a pillar at Sector Zero.

4.FAQs   [FRAQ]

Q: Can I put my gun away?
  A: No, you cannot put your gun away.

Q: I can't switch guns! What's the problem?

Thanks to IamDarkElf for reporting both this glitch and the solution on the
message boards.
  A: "Simply return to the tavern in Far Drop and complete a bar fight. The
      glitch is created when you go into the bar and exit without fighting."

Q: Hey I found a typo! You spelt _____ wrong!
  A: Okay, so it's not a question. If you see a spelling mistake or typo let me
     know and I will correct it. However, if the word is colour, armour,
     defence, laser, realise, or something similar, it is NOT spelt
     incorrectly, I have simply used the spelling we use here in New Zealand.

5. Contact Details   [CTDT]
My e-mail address is werdnae943@gmail.com

If you wish to e-mail me about this walkthrough, please put:
                   Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier
or                 Jak and Daxter: TLF
in the subject line. All other e-mails will be treated as spam.

I will accept all constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement, as
well as any information that I may have missed. If I decide that some
information is important I will include it in the walkthrough, crediting the

I will also try to respond to requests for help, but in most cases the message
board or answers sections on GameFAQs will probably get a quicker response.

The email address provided is not my main address, but is still checked often.
This means that if I start getting spam I will simply switch email addresses.

6. Credits   [CDTS]
The following people or groups have contributed to the walkthrough in some way.
(GameFAQs usernames used where appropriate)

- GameFAQs user IamDarkElf
          For reporting the gun switching glitch

- Grave Destroyer
          For providing info about when the mutants go red and pointing out a
          rather embarrasing spelling mistake in the FAQs section

- Jim Hall
          For providing an alternate strategy against the Dark Mutant Boss

- Jack Razglitch
          For providing the locations of some orbs I had missed

- MC80A Liberty
          For posting the locations of the plane parts on GameFAQs

- High Impact Games
          For creating the game

- Naughty Dog
          For creating the Jak and Daxter franchise

- All GameFAQs staff members
          For running the site, and making it a useful resource for gamers

- All contributors to GameFAQs
          For providing help and information on games I have played, and
          inspiring me to create this walkthrough

- You. The person reading this.
          What use is a walkthrough without readers?