Question from BadTheDan

What is the best strategy for getting points in bonus missions?

specifically Cyclops'. I kill everything in sight, spam my fusions when I get swamped and complete it quickly, but the best I can do is 29870 points. There was a thread that suggested using fusions when you start to get outnumbered, but I haven't noticed any difference in the points gained from doing this.


jackpop answered:

The best way to get points is to find a good attack that gives you alot of points and keep using it over and over again.
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jayeboi answered:

I've found using Iceman's ice shards attack offers maximum points on the Cyclops bonus mission...Continually using that special attack yielded the maximum points for me.
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EclipseNight answered:

The best way I found to get bonus points is to first beat the game. Start over WITH THE SAME user account. Nanite Nick Fury will be unlocked. By the time you get to cyclops bonus mission, you should have bought Nick's move, Machine gun chaos or some thing. Spam this on cyclops mission and you will get A LOT of points.
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