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How do I get power to the doors in the prison??

After I get the key card and rescue Wonderman how do I get power to the doors? When I use the console it lights up a some of the computers or whatever they are and then when you use the key it turns some on and some off. Is there a certain pattern you need?


V2freak answered:

I don't think there's any proven method. I've beat the game 4 times now and am working on a 5th though. I can tell you a lot of the puzzles just require luck and some reasoning.

In this case, keep pressing the main generator at the front of the room until you get a decent number of power grids lit up. Then from there test each one. If more come on than there were before (for example, you activate a power grid and it shuts off but 2 more come on) then leave it as it is and move on. If it doesn't improve things, leave as it was before you pressed the button. If the same number of power grids light up, then it doesn't really matter which you choose. Methodically go through each power grid in this way. Let me know how it goes!
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V2freak answered:

Actually I've played through it a couple more times and I have better advice. Flip the switch at the front of the room a couple times till you get a good yield - meaning most of the lights that turn on are in the same block if you know what I mean (don't have some of them power on in a scattered fashion). What you'll want to do is to try to get the lights turned on in blocks. It's similar to the old Windows game of minesweeper. For example if you have lights like this

X = off, O = on


Or something like that, you'll want to turn on the X - in this case, the one in the upper left hand corner - that touches most of the other Xs. It's kinda difficult to explain. Let me know if you need me to be moe clear.
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