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Should i start with this game?

Hello, I was wondering if i should start with this SH game because i am trying to get over some fears. I watched my cousin play SH3 5~6 years ago and had about 2 weeks of nightmares but i was a little kid then. But should i get this game or another SH first?

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True enough. I guess i will start with this one since it is unlikely i will find a good copy of SH1 and as you said might need some information of SH1 to understand 3. Thanks for the answer. :3

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the_thing3844 answered:

That your choice really, but Silent Hill 3 is probably the most scary of all the SH games and requires knowledge from SH1 to fully understand its story. My first SH game was Silent Hill 2 and I got hooked to the series ever since. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is simply a loose remake of SH1 on the PS1 and is set in its own universe but you can get SH: SM or SH1 as they can work as your first Silent Hill game. Because each Silent Hill game has its own unique storyline almost any Silent Hill game can be your first.
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