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How do you change the colour of the superstars clothing??

How do you change the colour of the superstars clothing??


qohaku answered:

You can not do that in the ps2 version
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lookitsme12345 answered:

It asks for the color, duh!
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MK_Miike answered:

Whenever u get clothing it asks 4 pattern, color and something else. Pick color and they have all the colors plus u can make a custom color if u want. :D
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malkhawam answered:

You have to go to the paint.
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SmackDown6190 answered:

Only For Create-A-Superstar/Diva you can pick the clothing you want to design you will see a box that has 3 options, select color then you may select a pre-made color or go all the way to the bottom where it says Advanced to make a custom color! (Note: The Color Will Not Be Stored In Pre-Made Colors.)

Or If you want to color an existing character you will cannot or if you have time you can go to where you can select the game and find the existing character you want and then customize with that (No Download Required!)
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