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How can i unlock stonecold in smackdown vs raw 2010 ps2 version? please help .

How can i unlock Stonecold in Smackdown vs Raw 2010 ps2 version ?please help.

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ThePWBPoster answered:

Stone Cold is not in the game. Only his entrance video, moves, and music are.
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satangangsta answered:

You have to unlock him?
I had him from the start so i don't know.
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occupine answered:

i havent got him either,its strange.ive completed all the RTWM and i still dont have him,i have nearly completed carreer mode so i might get him after i get all the not sure
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occupine answered:

i didnt get him at the end of is with this game?and i rko'd dusty at WM25 as randy but i still didnt unlock unlock him?(im replaying randys RTWM)
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jtluve7769 answered:

Stone cold is in this game but you have to have a code to unlock him. If i am correct the only way to get the code was to preorder the game before it went on sale. Maybe if you find someone else who did preorder the game for the system you have you can get the code.
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Arshdeep777 answered:

Well, unfortunately, Stone Cold actually isn't in the game for PS2. He is in the PS3 version as Downloadable Content, but, since, PS2 doesn't have that feature, Stone Cold isn't in it. And also, NO CODE CAN UNLOCK HIM!!! ONLY ON PS3! Hope this helps...
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HBK_17 answered:

The only way to "unlock" him is to create him as a CAW. All the necessary elements are there (appearence,move-set,entrance).
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malkhawam answered:

It is impossible.
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suckit90 answered:

You could try making your own code.
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bossu7349 answered:

He is not in the game only if you have some sort of pasword.
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TSTEELE2015 answered:

You could try makin your own and putting all the entrance junk on him and boom hes unlocked
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toxicking1 answered:

You can't. I know its stinks but you can't.
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