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Asked: 5 years ago

How to unlock Stone Cold in SVR 2010 ps2?

Tell me what should i do to unlock the stone cold in the game..

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I don't think you can unlock him, but the CAW mode has his entrance theme and video. There's a website,, that will have directions on how to make him. Look at the 360 and PS3 ones though and try to copy them, the only ps2 one is terrible looking

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you can't unlock he's not in the can unlock him on ps2 and Xbox

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sorry on ps3 and Xbox

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Or you can download him only on ps3 & Xbox

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You cant unlock him for PS2 it was a promotion that you could get him in PS3 and XBox360 only if you pre order the game on those systems. But you can create a CAW with him though since his move set, music and video are all in the PS2 version still.

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