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Ultimate Control Moves?

How do i add ultimate control moves to my CAW?
I've seen other superstars like christian be able to do itt.
They move the right analog stick in a circle and it does a neck breaker
How do i do vthat?

The_Lion_WWE asked for clarification:


Why do you ask?

The_Lion_WWE asked for clarification:


Nice if it worked! ; - )


bea_smily answered:

I know that Ultimate Control moves is a part of moves and you can find them in the move-set. But maybe you have to choose the pull-back attacks ability for your CAW. My Caw don't have this ability and he can't do the moves you're talking about.Try it the pull-back attacks ability.
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The_Lion_WWE answered:

Go to "edit move-set"
Chose on of the three strong grapples
Then chose one of the four moves you can do
Press "X"
You will open the menu where you see all the moves
Press "L1"
Your at the end of the tab, "Ultimate Control"
Chose the move!

That's it!

Pull back is no requirement...
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bea_smily answered:

R u talking about ps2 or ps3?
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bea_smily answered:

No nth... and your first answer helped me too:P
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