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How do I unlock Rock and Stone Cold?

Are they on the ps2 version and how do you unlock them?

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dgnr83d answered:

As For The Rock you must playthrough the "vs Undertaker" Road To Wrestlemania complete the following tasks to unlock him

Vs. Undertaker

Week 2 (Backstage Brawl): Randy Orton
Week 3 (Backstage Brawl): Vladimir Kozlov
Royal Rumble (Backstage Brawl): Dolph Ziggler
Week 9 (Tables Match): Big Show
Week 12 (Backstage Brawl): Batista
WrestleMania (Last Man Standing): The Rock ( Find Him in the Green Room )
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King_Kong_Brody answered:

For Steve Austin you play through Christian's Road To WrestleMania and complete these tasks:

Week 4: After the Peep Show, before talking to Tiffany, go to the top locker room on the map, and talk to Regal.
Week 5: Find Kane, and get challenged to an Inferno Match.
Week 7: Find CM Punk in the hallways, and talk to him.
Week 9: Find Jericho in the trainer's room.
Week 11: Find Legacy backstage. Fight them 2-on-1 at Superstars.
WrestleMania: Check the Green Room to challenge Stone Cold.
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