Question from mumineen

How can i defeat undertaker at wrestlemania?

It is very hard to defeat him because he usually skip from my moves.


crash1link answered:

You just simply beat him. Maybe you should practice more. I know its hard but i beat him. You can also beat by ring count out. Just thorw him out of the ring and keep him there until the referee counts to nine (make sure undertaker is on the ground) and get in to the ring. Then you'll win by ring count out. Or you can beat him. Its not that hard.
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devil_don007 answered:

U can either increase ur attributes if playing with a created wrestler n make him 100 overall.then its easy beating him
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WWERULES2 answered:

Pin Combos
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Catlover105 answered:

Just Create a character and Make him really tall and Strong Then give him The Undertaker's moves then Do what Taker would Do just avoid submissions or pissing him off He has Kick up so take that away in wwe universe mode by going under my wwe and then Superstars than select Taker
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chuckySFS answered:

There's no "secret" or "weak point" at this case. Just pratice a bit more and you gotta beat him. It's not impossible, but believe, it's hard to get the 3 pincount from the referee..
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sabbath114 answered:

It is so easy i beat him in 2 or 3 min
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langes09 answered:

Taker in the game is a pushover. i beat him in under 1:30. just use a few strong strikes and a finisher and then.. pin.
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aa9000 answered:

well try practicing with your reversals.he skips from your moves so simply try skipping from HIS moves.Try also to get the finisher as fast as you can.he usually skips from the finisher but keep trying doing the finisher on him.I think you will need more than a finisher but when a finisher is done on him you will notice that his performance decrease.(also many signatures should the same).when you see that he is weakened try doing a finisher and pin as fast as you can.
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Ravensfan85 answered:

I didn't even use a finisher and my CAW was at 100% Overall. All I did was I knocked him down then brought him back to his feet (but he uses counters) then I'd use my running from behind grapple (It's like a backwards Over Castle) to break him open. then I'd use Groggy Grapples to take him down. While he's down I went outside the ring and tore the stuff off the Announcer tables. Threw him outside the ring and put him through the table. He's easy
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aa9000 answered:

Well you could also use some dirty moves like knocking down the referee and get a steel chair and crash undertaker in his face.
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snakeeaterboody answered:

Just finish him multi times and knockout the referee and use weapons and play with created superstars and edit them and use ropes to strike and use hhh high knee running strike
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YukiNada answered:

At the beginning of your match with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania,do not let your first move be a running attack like a clothesline.He will backdrop you if you do.If you start off with a gut kick then you will catch him off guard.That's when you take the opportunity and attack.Most of the match you will have to be on the defensive.I recommend that you stay on the defense.However I beat the Undertaker by staying on the offensive.When you see the oppurtunity to use a signature or finisher,use it.Then make him use his Kip-Up ability.When he uses that ability,start playing possum(stall him until his ability runs out and go back to attack him.Also try avoiding big moves like top rope and springboard moves as much as possible.Take too long and he will counter it.Good Luck!
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HOSSEIN619 answered:

Go to creat moveset mode & take ability of use your oponant signature & finisher & do it in math by pressing R1 & tinagle
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