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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I beat kane in inferno match?

Christian in rtwm...

Additional details - 4 years ago

When the fire reach 500 isn't?????

Additional details - 4 years ago

What the mean of locking there????

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drag him with L2 after locking up with him

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beat kane so badly then when the flames reaches 500 degrees drag him with L2 after you lock up with him and you'll burn the big red monster

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What he means by locking is when you are holding your arms around your opponent and you just drag him towards the ropes. He needs to be badly hurt though other wise he's gonna put a hurtin to ya.

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You have to ware him down and either throw him out or put him in submission.

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beat him up then when the fire reaches 500 degrees get him in a chain grapple and press L2 to drag him to the flame

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When fire reachs 500 farenhight hold L2 button to drag Kane into flame.

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Just Press L2 While Locking Him Up,I'm An Expert I Beat All SvR Games And I Have All Of Them So I Know What To Do.★☆

Rated: +0 / -1's the easiest way.
1. Beat Kane so hard he fells into exaustion.
2. When he is lying on the ground, press L+UP to make him stand on his toes (PSP controls)
3. Now press L+R to hold him. (PSP controls)
4. Finally pull him towards a fire before he escapes!
5. If you are lucky, you will throw him out of the ring and you WIN!

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