Question from ferrinho

Moveset Templates for SVR2011?

I need to know whose the move sets these are ? plz help me...thx guys!! :)


WWERULES2 answered:

25 is Jeff Hardy
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WWERULES2 answered:

30 Is Trish
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Gargantuan21 answered:

1, 2, and 3 are Charlie Haas, Shane McMahon and Jamie Noble. Just pick them all and look at either Taunts or Finishers to tell who they are. 14 I think is Funaki as his Kung Fu persona.

Not every past superstar from the past games has a moveset. I know JBL, Carlito, Mr. Anderson have one. You have several of the tna guys movesets in the games. And make a note as to who the movesets numbers belong to.
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