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How To Get To The Rock?

In SVR 2011 game I went through RtWM vs The Undertaker. Where does it in the game is the option Wrestle The Rock at Wrestlemania? On The PS2 version?

Accepted Answer

M181992 answered:

To unlock Rock you need to play through rtwn vs taker and complete all challenges then the rock will be in the green room at wrestlemania. Here are the challenges.

Week 2 - Backstage Brawl - Randy Orton
Week 3 - Backstage Brawl - Vladimir Kozlov
Royal Rumble - Backstage Brawl - Dolph Ziggler
Week 9 - Table Match - Big Show
Week 12 - Backstage Brawl - Batista
WrestleMania 26 - Last Man Standing Match - The Rock
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