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Easiest way to get spice sets?

What is the best/easiest way to get spice sets? I know you can get them from stealing in one of the desert areas, but is there a more reliable way to get them?

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I have them set to my mixer as the only item, but it takes forever for them to actually be produced. Is there a specific npc that makes this item (like the seafood set and veggie set npc), or is there a store that once I get my card to a certain rank that will let me purchase the spice set from them?

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TorisKuntar answered:

Rank 8 at the Turtlez shop
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jonny41177 answered:

You could set them on your eleth mixer but chance is low, or set what you need and get them from the npc that give you spice set.
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jonny41177 answered:

Yes seafood set is in the town by the large crater and you need 3 fish to give to little girl npc which she then gives you the set. Veggie set in from the chef npc in town before rockakong it requires 3 veggies. As for buying the sets i'm not sure about but i think the turtlez sell it once your at 8.
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Khabuem answered:

If you put the Book of Duplication on a slot, you'll get two Spice Sets instead of one every time it appears. The book is in the Strahta Desert Ruins.

Alternately, the Book of Fortune doubles the chances of gaining an item in the mixer. That one is found in Bathus Citadel on the third floor.
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crimson_mind answered:

Book of Fortune and Duplication in the Mixer is a good way to produce spice sets before buying them.
Getting the Turtlez shop up to rank 8 takes a looong time to do.
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