Question from Antwan92

How to get Asbel's last A Arte?

What title do I need in order to get it and how do I get that title?


kakashiPR009 answered:

I assume you mean the one on the bottom right corner which is Void Sword. You obtain it from the title: Prolific Fighter. The description says: A title awarded to heavy practitioners of sheathed sword artes. I'm gonna guess and say basically use A-Artes...a lot. Didn't get it till like Chapter 8 after playing for 70 hours but then I fool around a LOT.
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ragnarok183 answered:

One way to get it is to earn Asbel's "Combo Master" title by doing a 50+ hit combo as Asbel (party members can help with your combos) 5 times in battle. Void sword is the first skill there, and if I'm not mistaken, there's only about 2 titles that introduce Void Sword. Of course, there's still the related "adept" and "master" titles, too, for upgrading it once you have it.
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crimson_mind answered:

Getting Asbel's "Combo Master" title is the way to go for his final A-arte Void sword. But you'd have to do a buttload of battles to get enuff Skill Points to learn it. Fullfilling Requsts, would b an alternative, also if u have any use Mastery Elixir EXs...A LOT of them.
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